Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1: Darkhawk
5 days, 8 figures, I’m actually starting to think we are going to pull this off!  Let’s finish out day four strong with Darkhawk.  Darkhawk quickly became the stuff of Marvel Cosmic Legend (and now Hasbro Marvel Legends…amirite?), not necessarily along side of, but in parallel with Richard Rider (Nova Prime).  As such, and as always, that gives Darkhawk a place in my heart as a character that few others can inhabit.  He’s part of that fraternity that re-spawned my love of comics, which eventually led to the creation of  this very site.  He’s important in all kinds of ways, and it helps that he’s a fascinating, well written character, and he’s really cool looking. Did Hasbro treat him right?  Yes.  Yes they did.

The Good

  • Let’s talk paint.  Darkhawk has the kind of paint application, that if it were on a car, and you got a scratch, and you took it to a paint shop, it’d be more expensive to fix, because you have a car with that special paint.  One layer looks like multiple with a fantastic shimmer / shine.  I hate to keep bringing up Nova’s name, but the paint application here is similar to his 2014 figure release in the Legends line, that was also spectacular.  
  • The figure design here is spot on for the character.  Darkhawk is a dead ringer for his comic counterpart with one limited exception.  I’m sure for purposes of mobility and articulation, his wings are split between outer arm and outer wrist.  
  • I’m a huge fan of articulated shoulder guards, they are becoming more prevalent in modern figures and they are present to great appreciation here!
  • Darkhawk is a well articulated figure, ab-crunch, thighcut, rocking ankles, double hinged knees and elbows, calf cut, he can be placed into pretty much any cool super hero pose you like.  
  • Speaking of articulation, based on the cut of his head, he has better “look up” articulation than many other figures out there limited by helmets / hair / etc…


The Bad

  • I understand the reason for it, and the figure is more sturdy for the purpose, but it would have been nice to have wings and claw be removable components.
  • Hasbro is going to have a run away hit with this figure, but there is a missed opportunity at literally double value and potential for double sale.  An alternate head with blue visor and blue swap-able amulet would give collectors a chance at a figure that will otherwise never have one, Talon!  Granted, it’s a simple running change, but we haven’t seen one of those in a really long time.  Chances of getting a running change on a fan vote figure are even more slim at that.  Customizers, unite I guess!  


The rest

Darkhawk cam up against Angela as a potential fan-vote figure in 2015.  He lost by 2% as I’m given to understand.  The eventual release of Angela is in this very same wave, and she’s stunning (we will have a look at her tomorrow).  That both figures were in the same vote, and we are now getting both first and second place in said vote as figures is pretty cool.  It means Hasbro is listening to it’s fans.  I strongly believe that Angela and Darkhawk will be highly sought after, and hard to find figures in this wave. Both have passionate and long time fan bases, and both are beautiful figures.  Darkhawk fills so many holes in so many story arcs across the Marvel  Universe from street level to cosmic level.  Fans who like creating teams, dioramas, or just filling out story rosters should have a field day here.  He’s been a West Coast Avenger, a New Warrior, fought against Cancer-verse Quasar (hey Hasbro..can we get a 6 inch Quasar now?), he’s even done a turn with a bunch of teen heroes against Arcade.  Darkhawk is an old favorite and a current favorite for me, and he’s a figure that I can’t recommend that you pick up highly enough.  Note, I’m adding this after re-reading this.  Now, I need to go out and buy another Darkhawk, and beg my vastly more talented wife to paint in his visor and amulet blue so I can have a Talon figure too!



Darkhawk is available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store.  If you want this figure, get on that, he’s gonna be tough to find.  That said, the hunt is on at retail, poke around Walgreens and Target with fingers crossed.  Some clever folks have gleaned the Target DCPI code of the case and are asking Target associates to help them find the wave “in the back”.  A simple Facebook or Google search will likely help you find this information if you are so inclined, and it seems that Target is happy to oblige, as many friends in toy groups are posting their own pictures of these glorious figures.


The Pictures

 MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.
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