Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1: Angela
I saved what I feel like is going to be the most universally loved figure of this wave for last (before the BAF of course).  Angela, winner of Hasbro’s Fan Vote in 2015 is finally brought to bare on the plastic loving community and she is glorious.  I’d like to take a moment to commend not only the inclusion of Angela in this wave, she is a Marvel Cosmic Force by herself, but the whole wave had a really solid focus on Marvel Cosmic.  They brought out 5 characters that the Legends line has never seen before, and stayed incredibly true to the them.  So with all these kudos to Hasbro, let’s look at the final single carded figure in the Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 (overall wave 2).

The Good

  • That hair!  I didn’t think Hasbro would ever top Medusa, but they did.  Perfectly sculpted, really nicely done.
  • I’m a broken record with this wave, but it’s a credit to Hasbro and culminates here.  Every character is just perfectly replicated from their comic page. If you image search a picture of Angela, you are going to find a bunch of images that look just like this, only they are drawings and this is plastic.  
  • Outfit is perfect here, from her winged helm to her oversized belt and armor pieces.
  • Included accessories, exactly what was warranted and appropriate, she comes with her Xiphos Sword of the Stars and Blades of Ichor, and they both look fantastic.  
  • Articulation is solid here, very few limitations due to character design (that hair does limit movement).
  • Angela is flat footed, no heels here, so she stands very well on her own.  Very appreciated.  
  • I kinda want you to just stop reading this and go pick up your Angela, she’s amazing but she’s going to be tough to find I think.  don’t waste any time! …but for real, keep reading and look at the pictures!


The Bad

  • I’m good here.  No wishes, no complaints.


The rest

Angela is an absolutely astonishing feat in 6 inch action figure making.  What Hasbro has pulled off here is a beautiful figure with a solid set of accessories.  There is nothing not to like here.  They took a fan vote winner and poured heart and soul into it.  And for real, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have high heels!!



I had a feeling Angela would be amongst the harder figures in this wave to get, that is already proving to be true.  She is sold out at Big Bad Toy Store.  You can however, pick her up in the whole wave or case, or you can go hunting at Walgreens or Target (Google the case DCPI and ask your Target store representative.  


The Pictures

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