Marvel Legends 2017 Custom Talon
Right, so, when Darkhawk hit the Marvel Legends line in 2017, I immediately wanted a Talon.  For those unfamiliar, Talon is the same exact “android” as Darkhawk, but he has a blue gem and a blue visor.  I thought…even I could pull that off as a custom.  I was wrong, I can’t, but my wife can!  She did a great job on this absurdly simple custom that takes a figure and very easily makes him a different figure.  I think my wife did an outstanding job on this custom and I’m really excited to have Talon.  Now…I need an even finer point brush and a spare Marvel Universe Darkhawk so I can do the same in 3.75″ scale!


  • Light blue paint
  • Fine point paint brush
  • Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 Darkhawk

That’s pretty much it.  Her much more dexterity filled hands took a brush, painted over the chest gem a few times and painted over the visor twice.  Now, I have Talon!

How Awesome Is It?!

My wife is the best custom crafter in the universe.  Nuff’ Said!


Guardians of the Galaxy 2017 wave figures are on shelves at Target, Walmart and your LCS in support of the soon coming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel (May 2017), so you can pick one up, then hit the crafting aisle, or your local craft story for the paint and a super fine point brush, and yer golden.  

The Pictures

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