Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3
The Marvel Legends train is out of the station and chugging along at full steam!  After “leaking” the wave at Hasbro Pulse, one figure at a time, the anticipation for Wave 3 has been palpable.  Featuring 4 amazing figures, 3 never before released characters to the 3.75 inch scale, this wave is an absolute beast!  80’s deco Rogue, Morbius, Hydro-Man (seriously who in a million years thought we’d get a character as deep catalog as Hydro-Man?!) and Quasar!!  We are officially one figure shy of the Annihilators (Ronan…please?!)!  There is a down side to this wave though…as far as what has been announced for Marvel Legends 3.75″ single carded figures this year, we are done…so let’s hope for more, More, MORE out of SDCC 2016.  For now, let’s check out this epic wave of happiness.  Very special thanks to Nel for getting these out to me so fast!  This site would be less good without you brother!


The Good

  • Seeing as how I knew this figure was Quasar from the very first glimpse of an all black silhouette, it’s safe to say, and honest enough to say, the character likeness has been nailed.
  • With Quasar the team at Hasbro had two ways to go, classic Wendell Vaughn or modern Annihilation / Annihilators Wendell Vaughn, in my opinion, they chose perfectly, executed perfectly…that’s not to say I don’t want classic Quasar too though so…ya know…running change please?  Or at the very least tease me by putting a custom figure in the SDCC diorama?
  • Quantum Bands, one of the most iconic items in the Marvel Universe are faithfully replicated here.
  • Glowing yellow eyes are highly reminiscent of many comic appearances.
  • The shoulder pads and cape are a single piece which allows for good arm movement for Quasar.
  • Excellent line detail and solid paint application.   Absolutely love the art for the chest logo and leg detail.

The Bad

  • He didn’t come in a two pack with classic Quasar.
  • I still don’t have Ronan.
  • He didn’t come with an alternate head with short hair.


Rogue (80’s With Mohawk)

The Good

  • The Mohawk is Rogue’s primary design feature, dead on, perfect in appearance, style and color.
  • Fantastic face sculpt / design.
  • Sculpted gloves and boots look great and capture the 80’s feel.
  • Belt accessory sits well and is comic accurate.
  • Seems like this would make a nice easy transition to a custom Dazzler….

The Bad

  • While Rogue’s green top shirt looks good enough, it would have been nice to seen an off one shoulder look as the character was just as often depicted, personal preference only though.



The Good

  • Hydro-Man is now a 3.75 inch action figure!
  • Hydro-Man is now a 3.75 inch action figure!
  • Hydro-Man is now a 3.75 inch action figure!
  • Awesome water feature makes up the bottom half of HMs body.
  • The water feature, which is, as mentioned awesome.  Let’s discuss a little further.  It is possibly the coolest appendange I have ever encountered in an action figure.  I have no idea what the material is, but the feel in hand is miraculous.  The way the light bounces off of, permeates, and collects in the “water” is amazing, leading to a different look depending on angle and time of day, this really is a conversation piece of an action figure.  I will now go so far as to say that Hyrdo-Man’s bottom half is the show stealer of this figure wave!
  • Beautiful molded bracers.
  • Excellent articulation on upper body, including ball jointed torso!

The Bad

  • No included legs to swap for water.  But…can it be done? Hmm….
  • Uniform lines that appear frequently in comic depictions of the character are not present.



The Good

  • Morbius was given the perfect body type for his character, thin, almost waify.
  • Perfect coloring of hair and face.
  • Excellent face sculpt.  From a lot of the pictures online it’s difficult to tell what’s really going on, but up close you can see a truly gaunt and haunting visage.  The cheeks are sunken in so far it looks like he’s sporting mutton chops, but no, that’s just appropriate malnutrition.
  • Love the way his ears poke through his hair.
  • At least one clawed hand.
  • Great sculpt of his “wings”/”cape”, I love the texture on the back and I love the red in the front black in the back coloring.

The Bad

  • I would have liked to have seen a tinge of midnight blue for his outfit color.



The rest

This wraps up the (announced) single card offerings for Marvel Legends 3.75 inch in 2016.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton left to look forward to.  Of course, we have the possibility for additional announcements at SDCC 2016.  We also have yet to hear what’s to be announced as the exclusive, if any for SDCC 2016.  Though there are rumors…  It should also not go without saying that included in this wave are another release of House of M Spider-Man, Armored Spider-Man, Iron Man Mk 1 (silver) and a Black Panther, but each is a re-released figure.  Further, while I’m adding thoughts, I’m actually, now, as I think of it a little mad at this wave.  Hasbro gives me a figure since I’ve wanted super hero action figures in Quasar,  and then goes and makes Hydro-Man amazing enough that I’m looking at him more than Quasar….what the heck Hasbro?!


  • Maybe something Cosmically collectible? Who knows.

Comic Pack Wave 2 (should be hitting our shores soon, the shady places have had them available for almost a month now)

  • Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man
  • Hyperion / Supreme Hyperion
  • Captain Marvel (Danvers Masked) / Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell Kree Soldier outfit)

Comic Pack Wave 3

  • Still hoping for a Star Lord / full size in scale Groot (comic style).   Let’s keep eyes on SDCC!

2016 is half over, it’s already been 3 single card waves and 1 2-pack wave expensive, but the hits keep on coming and we will keep bringing them to you!


Big Bad Toy Store, where you pre-order things that are awesome!  You can get this set from BBTS as a case of 8 figures (4 new, 4 re-release) or the wave of 4 new figures only.

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