Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3 2-Packs
For a minute, probably a whole solid minute, I thought, wow, this is the last 3.75 inch Marvel Legends figure I’ll get in 2016 (the SDCC Collector’s Vault set).  There had been murmurings of another 2-pack featuring Rocket and Groot, but nothing confirmed or dated.  That was until right around NYCC when this next wave of Marvel Legends 3.75″ 2-packs got a date of pretty much today.  A few days later pre-orders went live, and now, well look at me.  I’m finally filling a hole so big you could bash a tree through it, in my collection, with this wave of 4 figures that includes Groot…a proper, real, big Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord and Gamora!

Rocket Raccoon and Groot


The Good

  • Groot, I believe, is the tallest 3.75″ scale figures in the Hasbro Marvel line of everdom.
  • Awesome tree hair.
  • Amazingly detailed tree feet and hands.
  • Very pose-able for a tree.
  • This is the amazing, comic accurate Groot that 3.75″ fans deserve.
  • Groot is sporting his Guardians of the Galaxy uniform featuring nice clean lines and a blue color to match Rocket and Star-Lord perfectly.

The Bad

  • I love this figure, but it should be noted, there is a pretty clear line where his “hair” meets his scalp.  It’s a tiny complaint but it does interrupt the flow of an otherwise letter perfect figure.


Rocket Raccoon

The Good

  • The brand new blue and white color scheme is beautiful.
  • I really enjoyed this little guy the first two times I bought him, I still really enjoy him.
  • Rocket’s tail is his only hope for standing, and it does the job well.
  • Rocket’s gun fits well in his hand and is character accurate.

The Bad

  • One day, we will get a tiny fully articulated Rocket…maybe even one that is flocked, like Moonboy.



Star-Lord and Gamora


The Good

  • This Star-Lord is now formally the third release for the character, once in the team pack, once on a single card, and now here we get Peter Quill in blue and white vs. the previous release of blue and red.  The new color scheme really pops.
  • As with the previous releases, he’s got a great amount of articulation.
  • Very clean paint application here.
  • This is the right Star-Lord always.  I love the GoTG movie, but this version of Quill is the one that got his ass stuck in the Cancerverse with Richard Rider, this is the one that saved thousands during Annihilation, I appreciate the update to this figure very much.

The Bad

  • My complaints are the same as with the first Star-Lord release so many moons ago in the Guardians of the Galaxy team pack.  He has no holsters.
  • It’d be pretty slick if we could take off his helmet, or at least his mask.


The Good

  • This is the second release of Gamora in this deco, and it’s an exceptional if subtle update.  Her face coloring and detail is much improved.
  • Gold wash / sheen to uniform makes the overall look deeper.
  • Gamora has a lighter green hair and face which make facial details more expressive and defined.

The Bad

  • I love this Gamora figure, I like this one better than her single card release, but of all the figures in the wave, she is the most disappointing.  We have 3 classically presented Guardians of the Galaxy team members from the 2000’s run of the comic.  Then, you have Gamora, from the much more recent, revised Guardians comic.  I know what I’m asking when I ask it, and I know why I’m not getting it, but it still makes me sad that you have 3 awesome team mates, and some green lady from the future.  This would have been a fantastic opportunity to shrink down the Marvel Legends 6″ Gamora in “classic” uniform so that she fully fit with the theme of the wave.
  • Did I mention she has really freaking tiny feet?  They are small.  I didn’t remember the first Gamora figure having feet that small, but her feet are small too.


The rest

At the end of the day, of the 4 figures in this release, 2 have been released…a lot of times, and one has been released once before.  It’s great to have the new color schemes, this wave of figures though, is absolutely, 100% all about GROOOOOOOOT!  With that though, what I thought for a minute was the end of 3.75 Legends in 2016 before this wave…well, unfortunately, and seemingly, this, is really the end of the road for 3.75 figures in 2016.  We won’t get anything more until 2017…at least nothing confirmed. Waaah says brain, YAAAAAY says wallet.  If you are itching for plastic that is awesome though, mosey on down to your local comic or toy shop and check out the epic, EPIC 12 inch Marvel Legends figures featuring Spidey, Iron Man and Cap so far, with Deadpool coming soon!


Both two packs are available for order and ship today at Big Bad Toy Store.  Not sure why you are still here reading this…go, order!


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