Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 2
2016 started off with a bang.  We got Legends Wave 1 featuring Ulik, Captain Marvel, Triton, Yondu, Iron Man, Noir Spider-Man, Black Panther and House of M Spidey.  Not long after that, we got a wave of 2-packs, Captain America (Falcon) with Vance Astro, Thor with Lady Thor, and Superior Iron Man with Machine Man.  And now, bludgeoning my wallet, we’ve got a full Marvel Legends wave 2! (3.75 inch).  The hits folks, they just keep on coming.  In a line that features style over motion, the beauty of these figures is, at least in my opinion, well outweighing the cries for more articulation .  Granted, I’ve always favored form over function for action figures, these figures are just too pretty not to want.  The wave features amazing, deep Marvel catalog characters, Living Laser, Gamora, Rage, Young Vision, Daredevil (yellow and black), Armored Spider-Man, and Ant-Man (not reviewed here as this is a re-issue).


Living Laser

The Good

  • This might be be the most beautiful figure I’ve ever seen.  The translucence, the coloring, the blending, the lines.  Every inch of this figures 3.75 is breathtaking.
  • The overall presentation of the figure strikes me in a way that no other mass produced Hasbro figure ever has.  It looks like an incredibly well crafted custom figure.  That that look and feel is possible off of an assembly line is crazy to me.
  • Character likeness is dead on.  For this specific iteration of the Living Laser mind you.
  • Leg articulation is very good, double hinged knees, ankle rockers, ball and socket hips.
  • Molded on shoulder gear is on solid and looks fantastic.

The Bad

  • Helmet is not removable. Not a big knock, just woulda been a neat to have.
  • Waist articulation is limited, no torso joint, no wrist movement.
  • Living Laser would have been a good opportunity for accessory inclusion…lasers bolts / beams!



The Good

  • Any time a New Warrior shows up in the 3.75 inch scale, it gives me hope that I might someday be able to have a complete team.  That said, Rage joins a growing list of New Warriors figures (Firestar, Dark Hawk, Dagger, Scarlet Spider) in this scale.
  • The size here is perfect.  Rage is bulked up, he feels big and mean.
  • Incredible detail on the jacket, with the buckles.  Excellent mask design.

The Bad

  • The absolute worst thing I can say about this figure is that he did not come in a team pack box set with Speedball (I’d take Penance too), Firestar, Justice, Nova (pre-prime), Namorita, Dark Hawk and all the rest!  Seriously, there are members already in the line, if you added Speedball, Night Thrasher and Justice to an SDCC set… I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.



The Good

  • Gamora is as she was on the comic book page.  This is a very impressive interpretation of the most dangerous woman in the galaxy!
  • Two accessories included, both fit well in her hands.  A sword and a blaster.
  • Awesome hair!
  • Gamora’s space suit is highly detailed and well molded.
  • Paint is clean!

The Bad

  • I can’t help but harbor some disappointment that this isn’t “my Gamora”.  My Gamora was released in 6-inch scale as part of the Guardians box set.  She has a skull belt buckle.  It’s pretty bad ass.
  • Gamora is a character where limited articulation is felt.  She’s acrobatic in character and lacks wrist and torso articulation which shuts down any solid posing mimickery ( I may have made that word up).


Young Vision

The Good

  • Young Vision is perfectly and accurately represented here, page perfect.
  • Excellent clean lines, very clean paint application.
  • The cape is captured succinctly.  I just really wanted to say succinctly.
  • Another figure in the now Legends line where the scale is dead on.  He’s a little bigger than the rest, and that’s important, as his stature is in fact, a little bigger than the rest.

The Bad

  • This figure is going to be a tough cookie to chew for a lot of folks.  When the original Marvel Universe Vision came out, he was one of, and still is as far as I know, the most sought after figures period.  Fetching in the hundreds on eBay to this day.  Getting a new version of vision, when the roar has always been for a re-release of the original will probably upset some folks.



The Good

  • A classic costumed repaint of probably my favorite Daredevil figure.  This Daredevil is (or at least appears to be) the one released as part of the Daredevil / Bullseye 2-pack in the Marvel Universe line.  If they re-released this figure over and over and over again with slightly different colors, I’d probably buy it every single time.
  • Included billy club fits well in DDs hip holster and assembles well.
  • Daredevil is among the most, if not the most acrobatic characters in the Marvel Universe.  This body allows for representation of that with no shortcuts or shortcomings.

The Bad

  • I love getting classic Daredevil, but Hasbro, I ask you for this.  Can I PLEASE have Netflix Daredevil on this buck?!?! PLEASE!!!!


Armored Spider-Man

The Good

  • I now have as many Spider-Man figures in 3.75 scale as there are stars in the sky, and this Armored version is a welcome addition.   Hasbro went further in the Legends line than many other attempts at this Spidey outfit.  While most stop at the silver color, Hasbro and the fantastic designers of Marvel Legends 3.75 give us proper molded on armor!
  • Web slinging hand is highly appreciated.
  • The details of the sculpt, echoing my first point again sorry, brilliant.  Each line of the armor is well carved making the depth of the armor impressive from every angle.

The Bad

  • I would have liked to have seen a web accessory included.

The rest

Marvel Legends (3.75) is rolling with steam through 2016.  We are 2 waves and a 2-pack wave in and there is so much more to look forward to.  Keep reading btw, there is a rumor at the end of this list… Still to come in 2016 from Marvel Legends 3.75.

Wave 3

  • Hydro Man
  • Morbius
  • Rogue (80s)
  • Quasar

Comic Pack Wave 2

  • Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man
  • Hyperion / Supreme Hyperion
  • Captain Marvel (Danvers Masked) / Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell Kree Soldier outfit)

Comic Pack Wave 3?

  • Based on rumors and a picture I saw out of a Eurpean Comic-Con or Toy Show (I know it’s April First, but I’m not messin with ya) Star Lord and Groot!?  Let’s see how this shakes out…

If you were waiting to jump in to Marvel Legends 3.75, it’s not too late.  Folks with odd psychological disorders like this can start a complete line with just Legends, you don’t have to go back and hunt Universe and Infinite.  Get on board, this line is awesome and they make fantastic display pieces!!


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