Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 2 2-Packs
Well folks, we are finally here…we have reached the end of all Marvel Legends 3.75 inch action figures officially announced for 2016.  It’s a freakin’ good thing that San Diego Comic Con is in a few weeks so that we can lick our chops for what surprises the rest of the year and 2017 will hold.  For now though, let’s talk about this fantastic final round of figures, which features 3 2-packs, 6 figures, and all new uniforms for all but one of the 6 figures.  Hyperion gets 2 never before seen decos.  Captain Marvel gets a head swap, Kree Soldier Captain Marvel is introduced to the scale.  Scarlet Spider is more properly introduced to the scale, and…another Spider-Man.  Once again a set of figures that will adorn my shelves and replace previous versions, but let’s take a deeper dive.

Web Slingers

Scarlet Spider

The Good

  • Scarlet Spider was previously released as part of a toy line to support Ultimate Spider-Man (Disney XD).  The figure was ok but as many TV / Movie toy lines go, articulation was limited if not a little weird.  Almost Secret Wars figure-esque.  This figure improves upon that release in almost every way.
  • Good leg articulation, jointed knees, ball and socket hips.
  • Accurate character design, a mirror image for the comic.
  • Very clean paint application, nice bright glossy red.

The Bad

  • For any Spider family character, the absence of torso / wrist articulation is felt.
  • When compared to the Ultimate Spider-Man Scarlet Spider, my only complaint with the newer Scarlet Spider is the flat eyes (not raised / molded).


The Good

  • It’s my favorite version of Spider-Man, the default classic red and blue.
  • Sharp clean lines and beautiful paint application…and here’s why.
  • He’s a giant!  This Spidey compared to other 3.75″ Spidey figures is a monster!
  • He’s a better figure for it, articulation be damned, this has become my favorite classic red and blue Spider-Man.

The Bad

  • For any Spider family character, the absence of torso / wrist articulation is felt


Supreme Powers

Hyperion – Squadron Supreme Dark 

The Good

  • More than just a repaint, there are some subtle changes, or at least one to note, the boots go from the cuffed classics to a modern seamless and it addresses a gap complaint on the original Hyperion release.
  • I love the modern Hyperion / Squadron Supreme color palate / uniform!
  • Cape seems to fit more snuggly than the original release.

The Bad

  • Using the same cape for this modern Hyperion hurts the character continuity a little.  Hyperion now has two points at which his cape is affixed on either shoulder, while the previous figure / version only has a single shoulder cape tie.
  • Sloppy paint application around a few edges.

Hyperion – Squadron Supreme Red and White No Cape

The Good

  • Hyperion gets a different outfit here, a sharp dark red suit with a pronounced H, well designed and comic accurate captured.
  • The head sculpt does a great job of capturing the hair do of the alt uniform Hyperion.
  • Costume high neck line is well respected here.
  • Another exceptional paint application with very VERY sharp lines.

The Bad

  • Being that each Hyperion is on a different buck, seeing the size difference next to each other in package is a little weird.  Same guy, should be the same height, right? – As it turns out, wrong.  I received a comment from someone who I consider to be far more an authority on Hyperion than I am (pretty much anyone who has ever read 5 or more issues featuring Hyperion), and he advised that in the comics The Supreme Power Hyperion (This one) was actually smaller than his home-slice.  So, I recant, retract and deny my own statements, but I’ll leave this here so it looks like I did a lot of work in writing something bad about this figure.  Apparently the bad here is good, up is down, happy Friday on Thursday!


Cosmic Marvels

Captain Marvel

The Good

  • Danvers Captain Marvel V2, just like V1 but now with a different head!
  • The different head fixes some issues with the V1 CM.  Thanks to the mask, the eye problems are resolved.
  • The hair protruding from the mask is very well executed.

The Bad

  • The main complaint here is that the alternate head was not just included as an accessory for the original single card release of Carol Danvers Captain Marvel.


The Good

  • Perfect head sculpt.
  • Exceptional coloring.
  • Gun fits holster, holster exists, holster is part of a floating belt accessory.
  • Holsters are awesome.

The Bad

  • Some sloppy paint around Mar-Vell’s glove edges and where the green meets the white in general.
  • The chest logo if a little bigger could have had more detail.  It would have been nice to see a defined line around the planet.
  • Hasbro.  I heart you.  But if you included a purple faced alternate head, or even single carded this figure with the alt head…you’d sell THOUSANDS of these in a blink! Come on man!!!



The rest

For me, and for all probably, this wave is bitter sweet.  It features the last officially announced figures for the year.  There is hope though.  SDCC is in about 3 weeks.  We should get an exclusive..hopefully.  We should get word of early waves for next year, and hopefully they hit shelves late this year.  We have also seen a 3.75 inch Groot two pack on a shelf at an obscure other-country-con, so, my fingers are crossed for more…because I’m greedy and I want more!  That said, buy this wave.  You want Scarlet Spider and the one released for Ultimate Spider-Man wasn’t good enough.  You MUST have Kree Solider Mar-Vell.  Masked Danvers is a must have, but a little bit of a kick to the groin that it wasn’t just an included head in the single card release, and the Hyperions, go, just go buy them.


BBTS has this wave now shipping, so go order!


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