Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 1 2-Packs
2016 is going to be a very expensive year.  Not since 2014 have we seen a 3.75 inch Marvel 2-pack from Hasbro.  2016 fixes that problem with two full waves of 2-packs in the Marvel Legends 3.75 inch line featuring an incredible amount of character depth, some great comics, and some awesome figures.  We previewed the first wave that includes Vance Astro, Captain America, Lady Thor, Odinson Young Thor, Machine Man and Iron Man HERE.  All things being equal, my thoughts on those first in hand images all hold true, I will just be adding to them.  This is a beautiful wave of figures, awesome decos, and characters I have waited a long, long time for.

Vance Astro and Captain America (Falcon)

Vance Astro

The Good

  • Perfect, very clean, sharp paint application.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy star badge is front and center and in great detail.
  • Good buck for the character, solid and sturdy.
  • Articulation allows for the classic pose on the cover of Guardians of the Galaxy 20.
  • Every classic Guardian that Hasbro puts us out, gets us one closer Charlie-27 (repaint Juggernaut), Martinex (easy Ice Man re-deco) and Starhawk (yeah…I mean good luck on making those wings, but they could just repaint Vance for the body).

The Bad

  • I think I would have preferred the bright white stripe and star on the shield vs. the silver.
  • My Vance came with a janky ankle, nothing a boil and cool shouldn’t fix, but it’s always a little disappointing to see a QC issue make it through.


Captain America (Falcon)

The Good

  • The best thing about this figure is the void that he fills.  When Sam-Cap launched, the want for a figure was immediate.  Waits always feel long while you are waiting them, but now that it’s over, I think the turnaround was actually pretty fast, and Sam Wilson as Cap only got his own series in October 2015.
  • Another very solid body in this two-pack.
  • Included shield works better here, as the shield is the more modern look befitting the more modern hero…which is weird to say, considering Vance Astro is from the future.

The Bad

  • Noting the same complaint in my previous write up, though it isn’t one I truly share.  Falcon Cap has wings in the comics, wings aren’t included, nor is there a place to insert wings should someone decide to take them from their Falcon figure.  As previously stated, Falcon Cap appears with wings as often as not in comics, my thought is that this is the representation of him without wings.  I’m good with that.  As nice as wings look, you can never get em to hang in just right, they will always fall out unless you Kragle them.  In addition to that, I suggest that Wilson Cap without wings is more Cap than Falcon and that’s a good delineation.


Odinson (Thor) and Lady Thor

Lady Thor

The Good

  • Lady Thor is the most exciting thing to happen to Thor in a while, but I’m still not crazy about the arc or the character.  That said, this figure is gangbusters.  The molding and crafting of her armor is outright pretty.
  • Excellent female face sculpt and detail.
  • Check out the detailing and wear on Mjolnir!

The Bad

  • Her helmet is not removable.


Odinson (Young Thor)

The Good

  • This is a very nicely decorated figure.  The animal pelt on the shoulder is beautiful.
  • Thor’s grin is iconic comic awesome.
  • Thor has a great new weapon and a holster for it.  I love holsters.
  • This is a dead on comic representation and I commend Hasbro for the art here.

The Bad

  • The most exciting to happen with Thor in a long time is Lady Thor…so let’s just make more figures of her!  I have all the Thors I could ever want now.  For real!



Machine Man and Superior Iron Man

Superior Iron Man

The Good

  • Superior Iron Man is another very recent Marvel addition to get a pretty quick turn around on an action figure and I’m happy to have him!
  • While the body is a re-paint of one of my favorite Iron Man releases (Extremis witha  mold change on the Arc Reactor from triangle to round), the head is all new and sharply detailed.
  • Light blue line highlights really make the figure pop.

The Bad

  • I would have liked to have seen the head banded Stark head vs. the full helmet.


Machine Man

The Good

  • Really sharp paint application here, very clean lines.
  • That is a perfectly executed, completely psychopathic face.
  • Machine hands are highly detailed and well scaled.
  • It’s very cool to see this Machine Man in contrast with the 6 inch Legends scale, this Machine Man being of a more modern take.

The Bad

  • I know asking for accessories in a 2-pack is being greedy, but Machine Man is a golden opportunity to include a ton of great extensions.



The Comics

What’s a 2-pack without a comic book? For real?  3 2-packs, 3 comic books.  Look hard at the covers folks.  Hasbro has gone a very long way to let you and I, as fans, recreate those covers.  I can take amazing comic book art, and use figures to make it real…I wish there was some sort of name or organization for that.  Maybe someday I guess.








The rest

This is a must have wave for Marvel 3.75 collectors.  Every 2-pack fills a character void never before seen in the scale.  The decos for all the existing line characters are also new / must haves.  I don’t know what to tell you folks, yer gonna be $20 per 2-pack poorer.  Go get em!


It’s neat to be able to say this.  You can find these 2-packs now!!  Reports of folks seeing these in Walmarts coast to coast are rampant.  If you don’t want to struggle through retail, eBay and Amazon resellers are charging extortionate prices….but if you have to have them…



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