Marvel Legends 2016: Walgreens Exclusive Namor
There has been news of findings of the latest X-Men wave at Walgreens…so I started poking around.  I’m interested, and at the very least looking for Cyclops, Shatterstar and Colossus, my hunt has led me to many many many Walgreens stores.  I have found nothing…except!  This really pretty awesome Walgreens exclusive Namor figure!  Didn’t think I’d have a shot at this, because it was released in 2016, never saw it.  So to walk into a Walgreens last week and see a stack, I didn’t hesitate! I’m pleased at my lack of hesitation at picking up this very nice piece of work.  

The Good

  • The scalloping detail on the outfit is endless and really well executed.
  • Facial expression is perfect, head sculpt looks great overall and the hair is dead on.. 
  • The ankle wings…those ankle wings get me every time. 
  • Scale and size feels perfect for the character.
  • Namor has solid articulation, double jointed knees and elbows, ankle rockers, thigh cuts, ab-crunch, it’s all there.
  • Extra included swimmy hands are appreciated.

The Bad

  • I love the included trident, but it’s a little thick so getting it firmly in Namor’s hands is tricky.
  • Hoping it’s just mine but there was a rough smudge spot in the scalloping paint on his back.
  • Can I get a non-exclusive running change featuring Namor’s classic costume?


The rest

Like I said, never thought I’d find this guy in the wild, found him, really happy about it.  I recommend Namor without hesitation, he’s a must for fans of the character, a must for mutant fans too.


Walgreens or eBay folks, that’s about your only option for this really nice entry in the Marvel Legends figure line.  I am an idiot, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time, won’t be the last.  You can hit Amazon for Namor right now, and he’s less than at Walgreens!


The Pictures

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