Marvel Legends BAF Rocket Raccoon   

Rocket Raccoon.  Why would I need a BAF Rocket?  I collect Universe scale. I already have a Rocket that is pretty well done.  I need a new Rocket because I have a problem that starts and continues with Marvel in space.  That will include Rocket, Drax, and the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy toy line for sure.  So, why fight it?

The Good:

  • If you could pinch and zoom in real life, you’d be pretty close to what we have here.    This is an excellent re-creation of Rocket from the comics, and an even more spot on  to the Universe scale Raccoon.
  • Poseable arms
  • Flappable jaw.
  • Articulated tale.
  • Excellent detail work.

The Bad:

  • I would have loved, for a figure of this scale to be fully poseable.

The Rest:

  • If you can put the BAF together, totally worth it.


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The Pictures:


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