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Marvel Legends 12-Inch Spider-Man
Spider-Man as a 12-inch figure is damned near perfect.  Skip review, look at pictures.  For those interested in reading exactly how perfect, I will prattle on a bit, but the bottom line, Spidey is a stunning figure.  The second in our run of 12-inch figures (there will be 5 posts, Iron Man, Deadpool and a shot of the gang playing together), Spider-Man is a favorite among favorites for me, even though, to be honest, I’m not what you’d consider to be the worlds biggest Spidey fan.  In this scale though he’s a beautiful figure that any Marvel fan should have 0 reservations about picking up today.  Before I get into the figure though, let me talk about something I didn’t address with Captain America’s review.  The Marvel Legends 12-inch scale packaging is fantastic.  A glossy, simple black box with a shiny figure window outline, a complete look at the figure and all accessories.  Fantastic product shots on the back, it’s a classy looking package.  What’s in this one though?  One of the coolest Spider-Man figures you can get your hands on!

The Good

  • Spider-Man comes with pretty much every accessory you can hope for.  Fist hands, web hands, crawling hands, a masked head, a half masked head (good to make him look like he’s eating things?…hmm), and a Peter Parker unmasked head.  As with Cap, all accessories are easy on, easy off, no fear of breaking, but all hold perfectly, they don’t just pop off without intent.  
  • A 12-inch figure that is this pose-able is really something special.  Spidey is equipped with ankle rockers, hinged feet, butterfly chest, double jointed knees and elbows, ball and sockets where they count, his head movement is …it’s glorious.   You can really put this figure into most Spider-poses you can think of.   
  • All joints are nice and tight, so those poses you move him into, he will stay in.
  • Slick, clean and sharp paint.  Webbing lines are laser perfect, spider logos look great.  The deep dark blue makes the red pop.  
  • One of the major complaints with many Legends figures, joint paint is addressed in grand fashion here.  The joints on this 12-inch figure are painted the right color, specifically inner elbow and outer elbow.  Critics be silenced!!
  • Peter Parker face is packed with detail and solid sculpting.  The hair really shines here too, exceptional sculpt and coloring.
  • The smile on the half masked Peter Parker face is just such a million dollar perfect smile.  It looks great on this figure and calls back to many folks’ favorite Spidey in 6-inch, Pizza Spidey! (Pizza not included).  
  • No small detail left out, Spider-Man has his webshooters on both inner wrists.
  • Like Cap and the rest of the 12-inch gang, Spidey is substantial.  After holding him and then holding smaller figures, …I miss holding him.

The Bad

  • The only missing piece here is some webbing lines.
  • As with Cap, I will always wish for the most classic of decos.  While I appreciate the availability of Symbiote Spidey, I’d love to see a classic color scheme of bright blue and red.  It’s my childhood bias speaking.

The rest

Spider-Man, as stated above is as near to a perfect figure that I’ve ever owned.  It addresses the things that I want in a figure, great articulation, beautiful sculpt and paint detail, the right accessories.  The feel in hand is second to none really.  If you are looking at the 12-inch / 1/6 scale for your figures, Marvel Legends 12-inch is an outstanding option.  Sturdy figures you can actually play with, no cloth outfits to rip or pull, premium feel and character perfect look.  The folks at Hasbro are making astonishing figures, and 12-inch is swinging to the forefront of their effort.  2017 promises more great figures like Thor, and Hulk, 2018 will give us more Deadpools, and the Wolverine every 6-inch fan wants.  It’s time to jump in the 12-inch pool,the water is fine.   The 12-inch…Deadpool?  Later…but it’s coming and he’s amazing too!


For less than $40 you can go to Amazon and buy Spider-Man today.  If you hate the Internet and all of it’s worldly conveniences, you can hunt happily at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, your local comic shop too.  If you happen to be lucky, you might even see a Symbiot Suit Spidey at Target too!

The Pictures

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