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Marvel Legends 12-Inch Iron Man
Welcome to number 3 in a series of 5 looks at 12-inch Marvel Legends.  Today’s victim, Iron Man, or Mr. Stark if yer nasty.  The Arc Hearted wonder is now available (as of 2016) in 12-inch glory with a bunch of fun bells and whistles.  Don’t forget to check out our looks at Captain America, Spider-Man, and keep an eye out soon for Deadpool and group shots.  Heck, hopefully in not too far away land, we get a look at 12″ Daredevil, the elusive SDCC exclusive (haaa see what I did there? I’m clever).  For now though, Iron Man.  He’s exceptional in this scale, feels perfect, poses well, and has enough on the accessory and interactivity front that the $49.99 price tag is definitely worth the investment.  Keep reading though, he’s awesome in a lot of ways, and you can get him for a lot of dollars less than $49.99!  Interesting point of fact, and one of the cool things about any Iron Man figure, the specific Mark / Armor model.  This is, as I was told, the Marvel Now Armor recolored (Black and Gold in Marvel Now)…so, pretty neat!

The Good

  • Iron Man has bells and whistles!  Apart from the unmasked head and spare hands, he’s got repulsor blasts, and some neat slightly more hidden tricks.
    • Articulated shoulder pads are articulated
    • Chest plate comes off!
  • A gorgeous take on Iron Man armor here.  
  • Calf Thrusters present!
  • Repulsor blasts can be inserted into Iron Mans feet or hands to show flight…makes me wish he came with four instead of two to be honest with you.
  • Articulation is once again solid, especially for the scale.  Movement is tight and posing him feels deliberate…is the best word I can think of.
  • Hands and head swap easily. 
  • Tony Stark head looks just like I envision Tony Stark when I close my eyes.  That’s him, goatee is spot on, hair is perfect, face design very well sculpted.

The Bad

  • Chest plate comes off, but no removable arc reactor.  Oh well…
  • I was really, really, REAAAALY hoping that when I opened the box, I could flip up his mask.  It’s super greedy and probably unrealistic for the cost, but still.  A boy can dream.

The rest

Tony, Tony, Tony, no Marvel Toy line shall exist for 30 seconds without you, and justifiably so.  There are so many fun tricks that a toy maker,especially one so capable as Hasbro, and their expert design team, can do with such a rich source character.  Here, Hasbro gives us a solid does of those tricks and gives us another brilliant 12-inch figure in Iron Man.  He’s pretty complete package that leaves you wanting very little, this Iron Man figure helps to bolster the growing roster of Marvel Legends 12-inch in a big way.  Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America were the “first wave” of 12-inch figures, and I’m excited to have been able to share them with you.  They are, as we speak enjoying their own space on my shelves next to Marvel Universe Galactus and Sentinel, it’s some sort of twisted “Big World” type scene, and I kinda love it.  They have another friend to keep them company too, the first 12-incher of 2017, Deadpool and we will take a look at him next.  For now though, I’m falling full in love with Marvel Legends 12-inch.  These figures are solid, massive, incredibly well detailed, and just look fantastic.  They stand well too, great balance here!  What’s really cool too is, the first three figures in the line, Cap, Spidey, and Shell Head can be found at some pretty decent discounts, so you can start off your collection without the sting of full retail ($49.99 at most places).  Mind you, and I just said as much on the Facebooks, some folks found these figures for a very deep discount, and at a very deep discount price, picking these up is not even a question, just do it.  That said though, these are a value at $49.99.  You get an exceptional figure that is massive and pretty.  6-inch Legends are $19.99 by comparison, but I will suggest that 12-inch aren’t just 2x a 6-inch.  The scale really feels massive here!


For under $36 bucks, you can have Iron Man come to your house, and live there forever, thanks to the magic of Amazon.

The Pictures

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