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If you’ve read the reviews leading up to this post (linked above), you’ll note my revelations regarding Hasbro’s Marvel Legend 12-inch figures.  I’ll sum them up for you here.

I stayed away from Marvel Legends 12-inch to this point for really just one reason, space.  I am still having a hard time finding the right home for them, but I do have some ideas.  These are very large figures, and while that is part of what makes them astonishing and beautiful, it is also a challenge for apartment dwellers and small home owners.  If it’s the only line you collect, you should be fine, but so, so many of us have shelves lined with 3.75-inch figures, 6-inch figures, maybe a statue here and there.  It’s by no means a deal breaker, but you need to understand that there is an investment in space as much as financially.  

That said, after shooting these figures, and now living with them for a week or so, I can’t be happier to have them.  As action figures go, these are incredibly detailed, highly articulated, and just so substantial.  If you spend 10 minutes holding one of these 12-inch figures, and then pick up a Legends 6-inch figure, the difference is staggering.  Sheer mass, level of detail, I’m having a hard time putting this into words, so I’ll just stop talking and show you pictures in a second.  

The bottom line is, Marvel Legends 12-inch has arrived and it’s worth your time, your money, and your space to check out at least one of these beautiful figures.  For the pictures below, I implore you to click the first image and scroll through to the right one at a time.  The first 10 pictures tell a story that I had a lot of fun creating for you.  I hope it makes you laugh, it still makes me laugh.


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