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Marvel Legends 12-Inch Deadpool
What time is it?! It’s Deadpool time!!!  Arguably the hottest Marvel character out right now, thanks to Ryan Reynolds spot on portrayal of the foul mouthed melty faced icon.  Hasbro has given Deadpool a lot of love and attention in 3.75-inch, 6-inch, and now 12-inch lines.  The 12-inch figure we are talking about today though, runaway, the best Deadpool figure I’ve ever owned, definitely my favorite of the 12-inch line so far.  I have truly saved the best for last, but, why is he the best?

The Good

  • Headpool is included…not sure if you thought I was going to start with anything else…but Headpool is included, and he comes with a stand! And his propeller spins!  And his Jaw is articulated!
  • Headpool is included!
  • Half mask / damage masked head looks perfect, nasty in all the right places, the rips look very real.
  • Katanas are holstered perfectly and allow for reach / grip poses.
  • 2 sets of additional hands are included, one of those hands is molded specifically to hold…
  • Deadpool comes with a 12-inch scale burrito.  Let that sink in.
  • Deadpool is closer in articulation to Spider-Man than Iron Man / Captain America, he features the added butterfly shoulder joints and he’s definitely more acrobatic for it.
  • He comes with two cool little knives that can be sheathed on his harness.  I appreciate sheathing and holstering beyond words.  
  • Guns fit very well in his gun grip hands.
  • Another big figure that feels substantial, posing is deliberate and joints are good and tight.

The Bad

  • I wish he came with a fully unmasked head.
  • I wish his hip holstered guns were whole guns that could be held, I didn’t force it too hard because I didn’t want to break anything, but I’m more than certain that they are just half guns and only there for decoration.

The rest

If you can only ever get one Marvel Legends 12-inch figure AND, you like Deadpool even a little bit.  You owe it to yourself to make this your one 12-Inch Legends figure.  If you’ve read all of the above and didn’t already come to this conclusion on your own, I will remind you.  He comes with a burrito.  That’s it…what are you still doing here?  Click the link below and buy him.  Still…still here?  Fine.  Deadpool is phenomenal, a credit to the art of figure making.  The downsides I have listed are barely even a wish list.  The figure is really everything someone could want in a Deadpool.  This figure is so fantastic, Hasbro is making two more just like him. An X-Force deco and a Weapon X deco, and you know what, when I get a chance to review those, I’ll probably tell you that you want them too.  So then, if you can only buy one Marvel Legends 12-Inch figure, you’ll need to buy all three Deadpools.  I don’t know, math is very hard for me these days.  I blame common core…Just go buy Deadpool.


I went over to Scotland.  Visited Loch Ness.  The Loch Ness Monster popped his head out.  You know what he asked me?  He asked me…”Ya got $36.50?!”.  Turns out, I just spent it all on Deadpool at Amazon, had to tell him know, haven’t seen  him since.

The Pictures

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