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Marvel Legends 12-Inch Captain America
Welcome friends, to the first ever, Marvel Legends 12″ figure review.  A day I have flirted with for a pretty long time.  These figures started coming out in 2016, with the first “wave” being comprised of Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man.  Since initial launch, the line has grown to include a Symbiote Suit Spidey, Deadpool, coming soon / out now, Thor, Hulk, and later this year / 2018, Wolverine (Tiger Stripe!), X-Force Deadpool, Weapon X Deadpool, and a movie version of the Black Panther.  At initial retail offering of $49.99 – $59.99 (depending on what store you hit), these figures are, out of the gate, geared towards a more collector than kid audience.  The level of detail and accessories included further back that gearing.  Why has it taken me so long to dive in to 12-inch?  Space really.  My shelves are full of 3.75″ and 6″ figures.  Finding a home for 12-inch figures isn’t easy, but I went down into my basement and swung my arm slashing $2000 in Bowen statues off of the shelf, and made room!  I’m kidding.  I’m kidding…but I was able to shuffle some things to make room for my (first) four Marvel Legends 12″ figures.

The Good

  • The face sculpt here is miles away from anything I’ve seen on a Marvel Legends figure.  Strong Jaw, chin dimple, cheek bones, it’s all incredibly visible, very well detailed.  
  • Clever accessories.  Cap’s shield has two removable hand holds, one bigger than the other for sliding up the arm.  Included is a star peg that can be used to attach Caps shield to his back.  Pressing in the front chest star pops out the back peg you can flip around, put in his back and mount the shield.
  • Cap includes a helmeted head, a non-helmeted head, and a helmet for Cap to hold / display.
  • Paint is really well applied with only one smudge to even see. It’s clean and rich, looks amazing and b right where it should, dark where it should.
  • The sculpting and detail here is insane.  Chest scalloping, texture on his ab area, the molded on shoulder pads and knee pads, scuffing on his knee pads, so, so much detail.
  • Articulation here, especially for a figure of this size is very solid, ab-crunch and swivel, double jointed all the things, great ankle and head movement.
  • Something that I’m going to say about all of these 12-inch figures, changing parts is quick, easy and satisfying, and I don’t feel like I’m going to break anything by swapping parts.  So many figures with interchangeable parts, I’m always waiting for something to snap.  I feel like I can really man-handle this and it’s going to hold up.  
  • This and the other 12-inch figures feel incredibly substantial.  They aren’t hollow pieces of plastic, they are heavy, solid, premium feeling.  I would suggest that these should not be given to children to play with, kids like to smack each other with action figures, I know this, I have two, I’ve seen it.  If either of my kids smacked the other with this cap, teeth would go flying.  It’s just so beefy and really a joy to hold and pose.

The Bad

  • I lost my back piece star.  I suck.
  • It makes all of my other figures feel really, very small.
  • If I had one wish for the figure that this one doesn’t deliver, it’d be Classic Cap deco.  Just closer to my heart.

The rest

Marvel Legends 12-inch is now in it’s second year.  It’s first year had solid releases, it’s second year has some great offerings, and it’s third year gives 12-inch fans something that 6 inch fans have been clamoring for for ages, a Tiger Stripe Wolverine!  If you were waiting for the right moment to get involved with this line, it is upon us.  By the end of the year, you’ve got a solid core of Avengers, a growing list of Mutants, you are going to get a Hulk!  Let me also suggest to the powers that be, that 12-inch…that’d be a mighty fine scale for a Thanos…mighty fine indeed.  Back to Cap though, he’s been out since day one of Marvel Legends 12-inch, waving the flag for the line, one could say.  He does an exceptional job of introducing 12-inch, he’s a gorgeous figure that sets a high bar for all that have and will follow.  Also really cool, you can just go buy him.  Rare is that the case when I write these reviews, read on for availability.  


This gorgeous and massive Captain America is available now where you buy toys. We like to buy toys at Amazon though, and he’s available there at a discount, so click this link and pick him up.

The Pictures

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