Marvel Infinite Wave 4 Wonder Man
Earlier this week, up popped an Ionic Wonder Man variant from Marvel Infinite Wave 4.  The full wave contains solo re-packs of the Guardians of the Galaxy team pack (for a well time movie release coincidence).  This wave is facing some criticism for the lack of changes to the original 3-pack release (the figures are exactly the same).  It is for this reason that I have opted to skip plucking the full wave in favor of spending a little more on getting the one figure I did really want.  Let’s check him out!…ooh but first.  Very very very VERY special thanks to Nel Mercad for hooking a brutha up with this fantastic early plastic!

Wonder  Man

The Good

  • Sometimes variants are a little bit annoying, delineated by little more than a different finger configuration on a left hand.  Thankfully, that’s not the case here. Wonder Man is showing off his ‘ionic’ form (of pure energy).  The clear purple plastic captures this in outstanding fashion here.
  • The original Wonder Man mold was nice and did a good job of capturing the likeness, this based on that succeeds as well.
  • Excellent paint application, which is good because the paint is sparse here, limited to eyes and chest art.

The Bad

  • I don’t know how they’d pull it off but it would be really really cool to see some veiny energy bits under the skin.  Not really a knock but an opportunity to make this even better.


Wonder Man is 2 per case in a case of very much re-issued figures in the Guardians from the three pack…best of luck!






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