Followers of the Marvel Universe / Marvel Infinite 3.75 toy lines have much to rejoice over in 2014.  3 incredible waves so far, are either out or available for pre-order.  Today, coming as a bit of a surprise…

AVENGERS INFINITE – 3.75″ SERIES 04 Hasbro has just announced another new wave of figures! This wave includes: Star Lord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon with Groot, Platinum Wonder Man as well as rereleases of Deaths Head and Platinum Hulk. We have cases, sets of 6, and sets of 4 available.


This wave includes:

Platinum Hulk

Platinum Wonder Man


Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Star Lord

Deaths Head

Images of this wave are scarce, but we did see Wonderman in “Ionic” form at Toy Fair.  Deaths Head is a re-pack.  Platinum Hulk? A repaint maybe?  Now, the Guardians…what are we getting there?  Just a re-pack of the oft peg warming 3-pack (that I have now purchased 3 times….) will these be the same figures on a single card? Repaints? Or resculpts in 3.75 inch to support the movie?  The timing lines up about right maybe.  There are already murmurings that what we received in the 3-pack with Rocket and Groot isn’t really enough to support it’s own single carded figure.  I for one am happy to have either at all, but we shall see I guess.

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