Update: Hasbro has confirmed that Omega Red is a repack. Cyclops will be the previously unreleased Astonishing Cyclops from the canceled 3-pack, and Ant-Man is the previously unreleased from the canceled 2-pack.

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The new wave reaches across the Marvel Universe for a variety of heroes and villains. The Case of 12 includes two each of Ares, Deathlok, Cyclops, Ant-Man, Valkryie and Omega Red, and is listed at $114.99. We also have them listed as a Set of 6 (one of each figure) for $59.99.

We knew wave 3 would feature Ares and Deathlok.

We didn’t know anything about Ant-Man, I think it’s safe to assume, if it’s actually Ant-Man it’s probably the one we were supposed to get with the Ant-Man / Moon Knight 2-pack in 2011.

We didn’t know about Cyclops.  Is this going to be Astonishing 3-pack Cyclops? (I hope so!)

We didn’t know about Valkyrie.  I think this is a safe assume as the Asgardian 3-pack version that was never released.

Omega Red…I can’t imagine this is anything other than a re-pack of the Omega Red we just got in the final Marvel Universe wave in 2013.


What do you guys think??

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