Marvel Infinite Wave 3
I have been collecting Marvel action figures for just about as long as I can remember.  I’ve been collecting 3.75 inch Marvel figures since the universe allowed me to. Or should I say, The Marvel Universe.  Maybe it’s just my measure of paying attention but if feels like with the Marvel Infinite toy line fans are getting figures on a very aggressive schedule.  I just barely recovered from the wallet shock of buying wave 2 and wave 3 is now here!!  Wave 3 features 5 new figures out of a 6 figure wave.  I like some stuff about them and I don’t like some other stuff. Let’s talk about em’.


The Good

  • This amazing Deathlok makes me forget about the crappy Deathlok that I got from Toybiz a really long time ago.
  • Sturdy build for a sturdy character.
  • Excellent definition of man parts vs. machine parts.
  • Deathlok has a gun.  Deathlok has a holster!  The key to my heart! Holsters!
  • Backpack fits perfectly!

The Bad

  • Nothing here, Deathlok is a contender for my favorite figure of the year.

Astonishing Cyclops

The Good

  • Fans have been clamouring to get hands on an Astonishing Cyclops since this uniform debuted.  Hasbro has delivered with the looks in spades!
  • Iconic two fingers to visor pose – check!

The Bad

  • Very loose joints lead to difficulty in posing.
  • Dude’s got wonky knees!!  Quality Control issue?


The Good

  • Speaking of contender for best figure of the year….
  • Ares is perfect in size, scale and look.
  • Every detail is captured.
  • Outstanding weapons, perfectly scaled again!
  • Wrist rockers, whaaat?

The Bad

  • Absolutely nothing bad can be said about Ares.  Do you want that I should cut you?

IMG_3150 IMG_3151







Ant Man

The Good

  • This figure looks very much like Ant Man.  Ultimate Ant Man (helmet has no antennas), but Ant Man all the same.
  • Everyone loves an accessory, in this case, we get a whole extra guy!  A really really tiny one.
  • The most honestly nice thing I can say here is that – finally… finally we got him!

The Bad

  • Helmet doesn’t come off.
  • This is not 616 Ant Man!  We’ve waited this long and the dude doesn’t have antennae!
  • This isn’t a complaint for me but I’ve heard it said, the legs are ‘old world’ legs missing a lot of the common new world articulation.  Mine go in a case, never to be posed.  This doesn’t bug me so much.


The Good

  • I was worried with Valkyrie because I feel like between conventions and promo images we’ve seen Valkyrie with a good face, and Valkyrie with a really…’special’ kind of face.  Thankfully, things middled out and Valkyrie showed up to market with a pretty reasonable female face.
  • This figure captures the female frailty but the Goddess like strength of this comic book heroine.
  • This lovely lady has straight legs, dodging the quality control bullet that has plagued so many female figures in the Marvel lines.

The Bad

  • No cape!
  • No scabbard!
  • The hair sculpt could have gone a lot of different ways. It went this way, and I get it, but I’d of liked almost any other.
  • Be Careful! Trying to get the sword hilt out of the packaging was a nightmare that I thought was going to end with a sword ripped in half.

Omega Red

  • This is a re-release of the Marvel Universe line Omega Red.  He’s a fantastic figure, but we’ve already reviewed him.

The rest

I’m really very happy with this wave and just as happy with how quickly it hit retail.


You can pick up the whole wave at Big Bad Toy Store!


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