Marvel Infinite Wave 2
Carrying some nice steam brought forth by Marvel Infinite Wave 1, we get a very solid, more than half-new figure wave of figures featuring some common and some obscure characters.

Death’s Head

The Good

  • This is one of the single most ornate figures that I have seen in the Marvel Infinite or Universe toy lines.
  • Head sculpt captures the menacing look of this oft mis-understood cosmic bounty hunter.
  • Exceptional attention to detail on legs, hands and cape.

The Bad

  • The connect points of the shield to the back and weapons to shield are a little loose fitting which could lead to some frustration when posing with weapons stowed.


The Good

  • Costume molding is outstanding and comic accurate.
  • Helps add to the Masters of Evil in 3.75 scale!!
  • Exceptional paint application and gorgeous coloring.

The Bad

  • I’m not big on accessories so I don’t really have a problem that so far the Infinite line is slim with extra plastic, but a little whirlwind for him to stand in here would have been very cool.


Red She-Hulk

The Good

  • Gorgeous facial detail.
  • Even paint and excellent costume detail.
  • I like both of the green She-Hulks, but Red has really nailed comic accuracy.
  • This is going to be custom fodder for years to come.  The female head is amazing.

The Bad

  • Really like this one, no complaints.


Bearded Thor

The Good

  • Of all the Thors, bearded Thor is my all time favorite and he is captured perfectly in plastic form here.
  • Exceptional head sculpt.
  • Love the writing on the hammer!!

The Bad

  • At some point it would be very nice to get a fully molded chest armor piece instead of a painted on top.  It’d be neat, just sayin’.


Steve Rogers

  • This is a re-release of the Marvel Universe line Steve Rogers.  It’s damned fine, but we’ve already reviewed it.

Yellow Jacket

  • Another Marvel Universe line re-release.  No complaints, but we’ve covered this ground.

Beta Ray Bill

  • The final figure in the wave, and again a re-release.  If you missed him before, pick him up!

The rest

This second Marvel Infinite effort is absolutely fantastic, picking up right where wave 1 left off we get a bunch of great new figures that fans have been asking for for a very long time.


You can pick up the whole wave at Big Bad Toy Store!


Family Photos!

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