Marvel Infinite Wave 1
We stand at the door of the future for Marvel 3.75 action figures, and that future is bright.  Landing all over the Internet and the Facebook in recent weeks, Marvel Infinite Wave 1 featuring Grim Reaper, Wasp, (Marvel Now) Hulk, Hyperion, Captain America and Bleeding Edge Iron Man.

Before we dive in to the figures, this is a new line with brand new packaging, so let’s have a quick chat about that shall we?  Individual packaging can be seen under each figure, so let’s just talk for a second.

The Packaging


  • Simple and easy to open.
  • Seems more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to read


  • The only stand out item on the packaging is the Marvel logo…maybe that’s how they wanted it?
  • No original artwork, not much artwork to speak of.
  • Figures are still difficult to get out of package.


The Good

  • Colors pop, paint application is excellent.
  • Excellent large mold figure with great articulation.
  • Comic accurate head mold.

The Bad

  • The cape looks nice, but does not stay attached very well, seems like the holes and the pegs don’t fit snugly enough.
  • There is some odd space between the boots and the lower leg.

Grim Reaper

The Good

  • Head mold looks exceptional.  Great smirk, he’s ready to cause some mischief.
  • Solid paint detail, there isn’t a lot on the character to ooh and aah about, but sometimes executing something simple very well is impresive.
  • Great cape!!

The Bad

  • The sickle is bent in so many strange ways, between the wrist and the blade, the blade itself, a blemish on this otherwise excellent figure.


The Good

  • You know Hasbro is re-using molds here, but this Hulk just feels brand new.
  • Excellent face mold / detail.
  • Vest armor is highly detailed.
  • Belt, front and back are highly detailed.
  • Knees down, this figure has some of the most detailed lower legs of any figure I’ve seen.

The Bad

  • Oh my god these freakin’ arm bands!!  They won’t stay on for anything.  The only way I was able to have him stand without them falling off is a weird top of the arm resting position.  It’s unfortunate that on this amazing figure, this is an issue.  Albeit, one that can be solved with some glue…but an issue all the same.


The Good

  • The level of paint detail on Wasp is commendable, the gold detailing in her palms and on her foot soles is impressive!
  • It could just be an upswing in QC but here we have a modern style female mold and her knee isn’t all jacked up!  Great news on that!
  • Hair sculpt is excellent.
  • Always pleasant to have a pack in piece (in small Wasp).

The Bad

  • For all the great paint I have in this line so far, Wasp is missing solid gold paint on her boob, her boob of all places.  I’m not a customizer and have no skills in matching paint or applying it, and she’s packed at 1 per case…it sucks that I have almost no chance of getting this problem rectified.
  • The wings were a challenge to bend in the correct way.  They fit into her back in their out of package position straight out.  The wings have a small hinge near the body that already feels delicate.  They required a bit of forcing to get into position.  As frail as they feel, that could be a recipe for disaster.

Captain America

  • No good or bad here, we’ve checked this guy out before and I can’t write another word in review of Captain America.  If you don’t have him, this is a good opportunity to snag him.

Iron Man

  • Bleeding Edge Iron Man has gotten entirely too much plastic time, but if you some how missed him in main line, special, team pack or any other release, you can get him in this line wave.

The rest

Fans were nervous, justifiably so, we all loved the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  However, Hasbro has done us all a great service so far by not missing a beat, and even providing a solid upgrade in quality from the last generation of figures overall.  With Wave 2 and 3 already teased, it feels like we have a lot of blue skies to look forward to as Marvel fan boys.


You can pick up the whole wave at Big Bad Toy Store!

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