There are some really cool people on the Internet.  Some of the most awesome reside over at the MakeMineMarvel Facebook message board.  Today, I’m eternally grateful to know Dane, a collector from Manila in the Philippines.
Dane started collecting much the same way I did.  He went by a store, saw some figures he liked, decided to complete a team…then another, another, then the MU line…then Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man…the story is probably similar for so many of us, and again, exactly the same for me.
You can go check out Dane’s site at  Learn about his favorites, like World War Hulk and Silver Samurai.  While you are there, appreciate his story based shots.  They are all incredible and absolutely worth your time!
That said, today, Dane has hooked MUReview up with some outstanding images of the new Marvel Infinite Series Wave 1.  These are not press shots or promo shots.  These are from actual real people human hands that have touched these fantastic new figures!  Thanks again Dane!
The group
Marvel Now Hulk
Marvel’s Grim Reaper
Marvel’s Wasp(s)
Marvel’s Hyperion
IMG_3541 IMG_3542
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