Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Plus has come forward with it’s 2014 / 2015 exclusive and it’s going to be a tough one for many to pass up, though a repaint it is.

Once again, teaming with Hasbro, Marvel Digital Comics is offering a repainted Rocket Raccoon (Same as the Marvel Legends Scale BAF).  The cost of admission, a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Plus Subscription for $99.

Some may think this steep, especially since Marvel Digital is something that…if you wanted it, for the most part, you already have it.  On top of that the Rocket BAF in slightly different colors (blue uniform with red stripes as opposed to the same blue uniform with white details), can be had for about half the price on eBay.

I know the point is to try to move MDCUP subscriptions, I’m sure for the most part it will succeed, but owning the original Rocket…and being a Cosmic completist.  This pill is bitter.  Have a look though, it’s pretty neat regardless.


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