It seems like the second you label something exclusive there is a frenzy over it.  For some reason even though we all have, or should have learned our lesson on this, it’s even in the case of Toys R Us.  Enter the Captain America Magneto 2-pack Toys R Us Exclusive (with shiny “R” sticker).  That being said, this is number 2 in our recent run of 2-pack reviews that bares the R logo along with She-Hulk / Wolverine.   This pack shares in common with the She-Hulk pack, the R, and the special edition collectible art card in keeping with Hasbro’s 2012 Marvel Universe single figure releases.

The Good:

Magneto –

  • Using from what I understand is the Adam Warlock head sculpt, this Magneto looks great and authentic.
  • The white hair against the complexion looks authentic to the main otherwise most well known as Erik Magnus Lensherr.
  • The face isn’t painted streaky and weird like.

Captain America –

  • Classic bright colors.
  • This is the first time I’ve seen the shield quite like this, with what appears to be gold tones around all of the lines.  Have a look at the pics, I think it looks neat / different in a good way.

The Bad:

Magneto –

  • The cape….inside the cape it looks like it’s molded to join up with pieces from the figure to stay on but…
  • The back of Magneto has no hole or cape mounts…this results in…
  • A cape that wants to pop over Magento’s head and hop off all of the time.
  • The fact that this isn’t the classic Magneto re-done on a nice new buck like everyone wanted.

Captain America –

  • When I first started collecting a 3.75 inch Cap was one of the things that drew me into the line.  At that point though I really didn’t appreciate the options. There was the single carded more Ultimate style Cap, and then the super classic 40’s era Cap.  I found my first Cap love in the line with the Klaw / Cap 2-pack.  After that Cap, I was good…but they just keep coming and he hasn’t really been changed up much…except for.
  • I still like the 2009 SDCC Exclusive 4-pack Cap the best.  Not really a knock on this figure, if you need Cap, this is a great one to grab.

The Rest:

Did I mention the collectible art card that comes with this two pack?  I think I did and I’m still stunned that it’s billed as a bullet on the box. I still prefer the little SHIELD / HAMMER logos (I know I left out the periods).  If you haven’t snagged Magneto yet or you were offended by the face paint on the single-card release, this Mags is as good as any.  There is still the classic Magneto from the original Magneto two pack but the body shape may be off putting to some.  Same goes for Captain America.  If you haven’t picked him up yet, can’t find the Klaw 2-pack and don’t want to eBay the 4 pack cap, this is as good a Cap as any.

The Pictures:

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