The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates series is exploding with amazing and very deep Ninja Turtles characters.  Each is exceptionally well designed, faithful to the cartoon character, and features 14 points of articulation.  Today, the litlgeeks are taking a look at Series 5 of the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles Minimates.  Thank you very much for sending these to us for review Diamond Select Toys!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 5 blind bag case includes 2x of each of the below (except where otherwise noted):


  • Space Raphael 2X
  • Space Michelangelo 2X
  • Leonardo 2X
  • Donatello 2X
  • Space Casey Jones 2X
  • Kraang 3X
  • Salamandrian 3X
  • Hamato Yoshi 1x
  • Space April O’Neil  1x

Space Raphael


Space Michelangelo






Space Casey Jones






Hamato Yoshi


Space April O’Neil


TMNT Series 5 Group Photos

 MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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