The litlgeeks are all about Pokemon, Pokemon figures, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon plush, Pokken Tournament on Wii U….you see where I’m going with this?  Well, this week, they had a surprise show up that I’m pretty excited about.  A look at the grand history of Pokemon!  Nintendo sent them download codes for the classic re-release of Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold for the Nintendo 3DS (trailer way down below).


  • Pokemon Gold and Silver are available on the Nintendo eShop today for $9.99 each.
  • Fans of these classic Pokemon games will love the nostalgia of being able to play them with some nice updates, especially being able to share and trade Pokemon without a link cable!
  • Pokemon Gold and Silver are the same game, play and story wise.  What sets them apart is Pokemon availability.  Each have some common Pokemon that are exclusive to Gold or Silver, and the availability of the Legendary, and a few other Pokemon occur at different points in each game.
  • Also available for 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Moon, an ultimate edition is coming soon too!
  • Check out Pokken Tournament DX on the Nintendo Switch too!



The litlgeeks received these products for free. | This video is for entertainment purposes only.  

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