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Magic Box: Muppets Select Series 3 Rowlf, Crazy Harry, and Mahna Mahna

Muppets Select series 3 rounds the corner to home with the final set in the series, Rowlf, Crazy Harry, and Mahna Mahna!  These three goofballs are ready to rock with tons of great accessories and dashing good looks.  Can you picture that??!  We did! A bunch of times.  Thanks Diamond Select Toys for getting these out to us for review.  Enjoy the video below of our litlgeeks checking out all three sets, and keep scrolling or click the below links to jump to a closer look at your favorite Muppets!

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  • A fully pose-able, plastic yet fluffy looking Rowlf!
  • The piano is amazing, it looks so good it’s almost disappointing you can’t actually play it!
  • Rowlf comes with a bunch of great, very details sheet music and a sheet music booklet.
  • Only thing that isn’t articulated is his jaw…that would have been amazing.  


Crazy Harry

  • Diamond Select Toys did a perfect job on Crazy Harry’s face.  He looks bonkers, Muppet perfect, and his jaw articulates in a way that I can’t appreciate enough.  
  • Crazy Harry is otherwise fully articulated, legs, arms, wrist, feet.
  • He features a Muppet exact look!
  • I really wish he came with some TNT and an ignition box.  Maybe some random fish…to accentuate the crazy.


Mahna Mahna

  • I feel like I don’t need to say anything else here. The song will be stuck in your head till you die, and that is all that is required, right?
  • Do Dooo do do do.
  • His articulation is limited but sufficient for the character for sure!
  • He looks just like the freakin’ Muppet.


The rest

Round 3 of Muppets Select Series 3 features some of your favorite musical numbers with Rowlf and Mahna Mahna!  It also adds a touch of insanity with Crazy Harry, and believe me, he looks craaaazy!  Especially with his jaw positioned just the right way.  This is a perfect Muppet set with key pieces for your collection and you should seek this out sooner than later!  The whole series fits well with one and two, and it makes us itchy as heck to check out series 4, which will feature Doctor Teeth, Zoot, The Incomparable Swedish Chef (who was amazing as a Minimate! Can’t wait!) and Rizzo!!


 Big Bad Toy Store has the whole third series for purchase.  You should always scout your local comic shop too!  You can also pick each individual set on Amazon, here is the link for Rowlf, Crazy Harry, and Mahna Mahna! 

The Group Pictures


MUReview received the products in this post for free for review purposes.  The toys in this post are for ages 8 and up.  This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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