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Magic Box: Muppets Select Series 3 Floyd & Janice

Welcome to our first in a series of four posts about the amazing, brand new, Muppets Select series 3 from Diamond Select Toys!  MUReview.net had a great look at the set, and so did the litlgeeks.  You can check out the litlgeeks video below, it features all three sets in the series, Piggy Penguin and Foo-Foo, Floyd and Janice, and Rowlf Crazy Harry and Mahna Mahna.  For MUReview we wanted to take a deeper dive into each set, so they will all get their own post, and then a fun group photos post!  Thank you so much to Diamond Select Toys for sending this whole set to us for review!  Enjoy!

Floyd | Janice | The Rest | Availability | Group Photos



  • Floyd looks Muppet dead on!  His jacket is perfect.  Look at the shoulder pads!
  • Face is again exceptionally well designed.  
  • Hands are structured to hold / play his bass.
  • Floyd includes his own amp, mic and sheet music stand, as well as sheet music for him to jam too!



  • Janice is perfectly built.  She couldn’t be more Muppet if she was made of cloth and stuffing.  Like Wow Man.
  • Janet’s included beret is adorable.
  • Hands are structured to hold / play her guitar.
  • Janice includes his own amp, mic and sheet music stand, as well as sheet music for him to jam too!


The rest

Floyd and Janice are as close to screen / puppet / Muppet perfect as you can get.  They each convey the character perfectly and pack a ton of great and relevant accessories.  With Animal, Floyd, and Janice, we are getting to the point where we can stage the whole Electric Mayhem band!  But we will need to wait until series four for Doctor Teeth and Zoot…and I can’t wait!


 Big Bad Toy Store has the whole third series for purchase.  You should always scout your local comic shop too!  You can also pick each individual set on Amazon, here is the link for Floyd and Janice! 


The Group Pictures


MUReview received the products in this post for free for review purposes.  The toys in this post are for ages 8 and up.  This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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