The litlgeeks and MUReview are all about their Nintendo 3DS systems!  Today we got a treat from our friends at Nintendo, Mario Sports Superstars for Nintendo 3DS.  Admittedly…we had to put down Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch for a little to check it out, but spoiler alert, it’s awesome, it’s fun, and we love it.  Check out the video!

Mario sports Superstars features:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Horse Racing

Each game is fun, challenging and far deeper in game play than it appears at first blush.  The game supports local and online multiplayer.  You can train up your skills and play in single player tournaments too! The game is rich in game play, strategy (you really have to position your players to make the right plays), power ups, and all of the great fun you’d expect of any Mario game!

One of my favorite parts of the game…and this is daddygeek speaking, is just how familiar all of the sports games are, Tennis feels like Mario Tennis, Soccer feels like Mario Soccer, Golf…I had so much fun with Mario Golf through my lifetime, getting this in a compact package with a ton of other great games is pure joy.  Nintendo once again does an outstanding job of capturing all of the sports franchises Mario has ever touched, they package them together wonderfully, and add in a ton of great modern features and functionality like online play!!  

We can’t forget Road to Superstar mode either!  Scanning three amiibo cards will unlock the Road to Superstar mode. By completing it, Superstar status will be given to the characters for “an even greater boost to their stats.”  Think of it as…mini games to make you a Superstar!

While the litlgeeks didn’t really go too deep into Mario Sports Superstars, they had an awesome time playing and this is sure to be in their main rotation for a long long time.  There is a ton of depth to uncover here and a thousand ways to play and it’s Mario…so it will all be instantly loved!

Did we mention amiibos?  Mario Sports Superstars has it’s own amiibo interactions.  The litlgeeks saw the amiibos logo, but we didn’t know until we started our write up.  Nintendo is putting out sports card amiibos that unlock “Star” versions of the characters in the game!

“By tapping a Mario Sports Superstars series amiibo card, players can unlock the Star version of the corresponding character in the corresponding sport. A Star character has stronger stats than its regular counterpart, giving that character an edge in that particular sport.”

You can tap up to three amiibo cards to participate in the Road to Superstar mode.

“Completing this mode will bestow Superstar status on their characters, giving an even greater boost to their stats. For those keen to get ahead on the journey to sporting superstardom, the first print-run version of the game is the ideal place to begin, as it includes Mario Sports Superstars and one randomly chosen amiibo card, so players can get their collections off to a flying start.”

There is so much more fun for us to have in Mario Sports Superstars and we can’t wait!  You shouldn’t either!  Click the links to buy your copy and amiibo cards today!

Mario Sports Superstars is available now where you buy awesome games, we like Amazon.  You can also pick up packs of Mario Sports Superstars Amiibo cards at Amazon too! 

MUReview received the products in this post for free for review purposes.

This post / video are for entertainment purposes only



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