Magic Box: Lightseekers Starter Pack Tyrax

What is Lightseekers?  You know how there are all these Toys To Life games out there, where you take the toy and you put it on a base, and that toy comes to life in the game, but then you sit on your couch and play the game, mostly like any other game?  Those games are fun, we are big fans, but this game is different.  What if you could take those toys, and move them around in the real world instead of using a video game controller?  Wouldn’t that be really cool?  That’s Lightseekers!  


Lightseekers is just getting started, you can pick up two starter packs, and each character in the different starter pack is available without the starter pack.  You can also pick up weapon and backpack accessories, and the best news, there are a ton more Lightseekers on the way!

Lightseekers Starter Pack Tyrax

  • The Lightseekers Starter Pack Tyrax, and all of the Lightseekers are avaiable on Amazon today!
  • The Lightseekers starter pack includes:
    • The Tyrax character (also available as starter, Mari) It should be noted, Tyrax and Mari are the race of character, the Tyrax character’s name is Jax, and Mari’s race is Kora.
    • Fusion Core
    • 1 Weapon
    • 6 AR Cards
  • Lightseekers connect with your mobile device over bluetooth using the Fusion Core piece that you put in their back.
  • This fusion core piece requires that it is charged (using micro USB).  Once charged, plug it into the back of the character, open the app, and pairing couldn’t be more simple, you just click the character and go.
  • The Lightseekers action figures really are a sight to behold, sturdy, brightly colored, well articulated, and incredibly well designed.  These characters just ooze with a look of “I have to know more!”
  • The Lightseekers game is a ton of fun with a bunch of great modes.  
    • Adventure Game is a traditional objective based story mode where you interact with the Lightseekers world using your character to advance the story.  Tons of great RPG elements here, and tons of great ways to upgrade your character, keep reading.
    • Action Games – jump right in and play your favorite style of game, fighting, flying, coin collecting in different environments!  Some of these games require a figure, others do not.
  • Speaking of…Lightseekers is playable without the companion toys…but SO MUCH Cooler with them!
  • In addition to the character / avatar for Lightseekers, there are 350 cards to collect, all can be scanned into the game for in game items, bonuses, buffs, etc…
  • You can also collect accessories for your action figure, connect them to your action figure, and they will be present in the game…like jetpacks!
  • Gameplay is fun and engaging across all modes, and absolutely enhanced when using your Lightseekers figure as your controller.
  • Even more fun?  Well, you can play 2-player! 2 real world action figures duking it out on your mobile device!
  • This game is beautiful, using an art style that is both unique and familiar.
  • Did we mention there is a companion trading card game?  There is one!! (sold separately).



This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | MUReview received these product for free. | This product is recommended for ages 8 and up.

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