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Magic Box: LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Teen Titans Go Team Pack Beast Boy and Raven

Welcome to MUReview coverage of LEGO Dimensions Wave 9!!  This is one of the most anticipated waves for us here, as the subject matter is huge in our house. We are a Teen Titans Go family!!  Wave 9 features incredible sets spanning some awesome licenses, so let’s dive in with our Magic Box video.  You can check out additional details and find links to purchase below!

LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans Go Team Pack Beast Boy and Raven

  • The LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans Go Team Pack Beast Boy and Raven is available now on Amazon!
  • This fantastic team pack features 2 beautifully designed LEGO characters, Raven and Beast Boy.
  • The two characters in this Team Pack unlock the Teen Titans Go world in LEGO Dimensions.  Teen Titans Go World features a ton of great Teen Titans Go locations including Jump City, Titans Tower and more!
  • One “Vehicle” per character:
  • Beast Boy gets the 3-in-1 T-Car which can be built 3 ways that allow travel over land sea and air!
    • T-Car
    • T-Plane
    • T-Forklift
  • The Spellbook of Azarath can transform three ways too, and allows flight and digging!
    • Spellbook of Azarath
    • Raven Wings
    • Giant Hand
  • As usual, these LEGO Dimensions sets look as good on your collection shelves as they do in the game.  
  • Each figure adds their own abilities to the game too!
    • Beast Boy 
      • Acrobat
      • Mini Access
      • Boomerang (Banana)
      • Shape Shift
        • Flying (Bird)
        • Dive (Dolphin)
        • Atlantis Elemental (Dolphin)
        • Slurp Access (Mouse)
        • Drone Mazes (Silkie)
        • Dig (Dog)
        • Tracking (Dog)
    • Raven
      • Magic
      • Raven Portals
      • Magical Shield
      • Flying
      • Laser
      • Electricity
      • Drone Mazes (Mini Soul Self)
      • Hazard Protection
      • Intelligence
      • LEGO Constructs

Another outstanding set from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and TT Games.  Raven and Beast Boy add a ton of fun to the LEGO Dimensions Platform and offer us a fun starting point for Wave 9.  Up next, another Teen Titans Go pack with Starfire!!  


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | The litlgeeks received these product for free. | LEGO Dimensions is recommended for ages 7 and up.

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