The litlgeeks fell in love with Lego Dimensions around Christmas time 2015.  Since then they’ve kept up on all of the great level and team packs.  They even did a feature on the Ghostbusters series of Lego Dimensions products just a month or so ago!  Today, they are thrilled to share with you, the brand spankin’ new, hot off the presses, Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack and Harry  Potter Team Pack.  Thank you so much to Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment for sending us these samples for review for free!  Check out the video, and keep scrolling for more information about what is available and some more of our thoughts on the packs.

Lego Dimensions has been out for a year or so now.  Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has put out a massive amount of Fun, Team and Level packs to support and expand on the gameplay and fun of Lego Dimensions.  I can say without a doubt though, the Battle Arena mode breathes incredible new life into the game, offering multiple play modes.  The addition of competitive gameplay is well executed and a ton of fun.

As litlgeek ninja says in the video, they haven’t ever really seen Adventure Time.  They both fell in love last night.  The Adventure Time Level Pack gameplay / level design is astonishing, beautiful, colorful and fun.

It should be noted that before these new packs will work fully in game, some additional content download is required and you will need to reload your game hub inside of Lego Dimensions.

We very much hope you enjoy our video, we tried not to go to deep into gameplay or the modes, mainly because we don’t want to spoil it for fans of the game.  These are awesome packs, and if you love Lego Dimensions we can’t encourage you to go pick them up and check them out in game for yourselves!

On to the packs that we opened….

Adventure Time Level Pack

The Adventure Time Level Pack includes Finn The Human, The Ancient War Elephant and the Jakemobile.  Each piece faithfully represents their source character beautifully.  The Level Pack offers an astonishing play world rich with color and fun.  Finn comes with a ton of great weapons he can use in the Adventure Time world.  The Jakemobile and Elephant translate perfectly into the game!  You can pick up the Adventure Time Level Pack today for $29.99!


Harry Potter Team Pack

The Harry Potter Team Pack features Voldemort, Harry, The Enchanted Car and The Hogwarts Express.  All of the sets build very well, always clever on Lego’s part!  Everything looks great in the game, and Harry can fly!!  You can pick up the Harry Potter Team Pack today for $24.99!


The Rest

We can’t thank Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment for sending us these fantastic Lego Dimensions Packs to review for you (for free!).  I can say this though, we will be on our way to the store this weekend to pick up the Adventure Time team pack for sure.  We may even look at the Ghostbusters Story Pack!  Friends, if you have been waiting to get on board with Lego Dimensions for the game to hit it’s stride, this is it, now is the time.  The content that is out as of yesterday is remarkable, fun, and very family friendly!

Lego Dimensions is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

Fun, Team, Level and Story Packs are not console specific.  Starter Packs are console specific.


The Lego Dimensions packs we mentioned above, as part of series 6 are available now.  There are a few other packs from series 6 also available for you to check out!

Adventure Time Team Pack – $24.99

Adventure Time Level Pack $29.99 (reviewed here)

Harry Potter Team Pack  $24.99 (reviewed here)

A-Team Fun Pack – $11.99

Mission Impossible Level Pack – $29.99

Ghostbusters Story Pack – $49.99


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