Magic Box: Force Friday II – Sphero R2-D2 and litlgeeks got to shopping on Force Friday II!  We managed to come home with a bunch of really fun things, and one of the most fun of those things, the Sphero R2-D2!  Once upon a time, the litlgeeks did a review of the Sphero BB-8.  They were so young back then!  Let’s check out how they have grown, and how much Sphero has improved on the app controlled droid formula!

Sphero App Controlled R2-D2 Droid

  • The Sphero App Controlled R2-D2 is available from Amazon today for $179.99.
  • This droid works with both iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • There is an Apple Watch companion app  available too!
  • R2 has a ton of great fun modes!
    • Drive mode – Drive R2 around using a control stick (on screen) feature.
    • Interactive mode – R2 has a whole bunch of fun and interactive sayings and movements (technically part of drive mode).
    • Draw mode – Draw a line on your mobile device and watch R2 follow it.
    • Patrol mode – R2 will roam around, interact with his environment, and if you are lucky enough to have them, other Sphero Star Wars droids! (BB-8 and BB-9E)
    • AR mode – Pilot R2 through the Millenium Falcon on your screen, watch as he spins along with where you look in the ship. (look by moving around your mobile devices!)
    • Movie mode – R2 will watch along with your favorite Star Wars movie and react to key moments in the films.  
  • R2-D2 will get about an hour of fun out of a single charge.
  • R2 has lights and sounds.  His sounds come from an internal speaker (unlike BB-8 or BB-9E)
  • R2 does not (yet) work with the Force Band.
  • R2 currently works with Apples Swift Playgrounds app through an add on.  You can command and code R2 through adventures like escaping the Death Star or finding Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • It is stated that R2 will work with Sphero’s own developer app, but we were unable to find the function to link him or program him at the time of this post, keep your eyes peeled though!


R2 is an amazing little app controlled droid.  The litlgeeks had a blast playing with him and…so did I.  He brings so many key beeps and boops from the Star Wars movies to life in an incredibly authentic way.  You can control his movement, his sounds, even his dome.  Our favorite part, will be what so many others favorite part is.  He mimics what happens in a New Hope when he gets zapped by Jawas!  He falls forward and everything!  R2-D2 is the most expensive Star Wars droid from Sphero at $179.99, but for all that he packs, it’s a value and a bargain.  So much fun and nostalgia here, and because he’s app controlled, the list of things he can do will only grow and grow!




This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. |  This droid is for ages 8 and up.

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