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Vinimates is a line that keeps growing, and as it grows, it’s just getting better and better, adding characters that are the must haves across all of it’s licenses. Today, the litlgeeks and MUReview get to check out 4 Vinimates!  2 from the DC Comics line with Batman and Harley Quinn, and 2 from the DC Movie Lines with The Flash from Justice League and Wonder Woman from the Wonder Woman movie!

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  • Batman comes to life in this Vinimate in his Rebirth ensemble, it’s page perfect!
  • Action pose depicts Bats mid-batarang toss, good balance in this action pose!
  • His cape is flowing, perfect, and also adds to his great balance.
  • Paint here is something all companies should aspire to.


Harley Quinn

  • Harley is mischievous looking as always, and again, page perfect!
  • Hammer looks great, adds a good weight to the figure.
  • Harley, again, while in an action pose is very well balanced.
  • Excellent line detail all over the figure.
  • Exceptionally clean paint application.


The Flash

  • The line work detail on this figure is outstanding.  The sculpt shows off every line and groove on the suit that I hope to see in the film.
  • Another really nice, clean paint application here.  
  • It continues to astonish me, how in the Mini / Vinimate art style, real life people can be so well captured.  Ezra Miller’s smirk is really well represented here.


Wonder Woman

  • Wonder Woman has an awesome sword and shield combo, they look great in her hands!
  • Her Themyscria outfit is movie perfect as usual.  
  • Another real world likeness in Vinimate art style is perfectly nailed.  This is a Vini-Gal Gadot!


The Rest:

  • It’s time to get moving on your Vinimates collection.  Diamond Select Toys continues to add hit after hit character, and they are fully behind Justice League!  Every Vinimate looks amazing, features a great, iconic pose, and they are a great way to bring your toy shelves to life!  Stay tuned for our look at the Watchmen Vinimates coming soon too!


Family Photos:


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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