Magic Box: Diamond Select Toys Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Shakespeare Bust and Batphone Banks

I think we first spotted the Batman Classic Vinyl Shakespeare bust bank at Toy Fair 2016.  Since that time, the wheels for the video you see below have been turning.  When our great friends at Diamond Select Toys sent us out the Shakespeare Bust Bank for free to review for you, we kinda freaked out a little!  The wheels started turning a little more, and we had to go pickup the Batphone…and you’ll see why.  The litlgeeks had a really fun time with this video, and we hope you all enjoy it.  A special thank you to mommygeek for helping with sound and wardrobe!


Shakespeare Bust Bank



Batphone Bank


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. |  litlgeeks received some of the products in this post for free to review for you!

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