The litlgeeks love Minimates.  The litlgeeks love Spongebob!!  Let’s see what happens when they get Minimates that are Spongebob!  And Guess what!  We are giving away some of these great Minimates too, so stay tuned!



Series 1 includes:

  • 2-Pack Spongebob and Sandy
  • 2-Pack Patrick and Squidward
  • 2-Pack Mr. Crab and Perch Perkins
  • 2-Pack Grandpappy RedBeard and Perch Perkins (alternate outfit)


Spongebob Series 1 Spongebob and Sandy


Spongebob Series 1 Patrick and Squidward


Spongebob Series 1 Mr. Crab and Perch Perkins


Spongebob Series 1 Grandpappy Redbeard and Perch Perkins (alternate outfit)


Group Photos


MUReview received these products for free.


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