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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: Sunfire
Sunfire blasts into the Legends of Spring fun in a big way.  In a fishy way?  In a big, fishy way?  He’s a person with a fish mask…so I’ll leave that there.  This awesome figure is number 6 in this 7-figure X-Men 2017 Legends wave and he’s really just stunning.  Sunfire is another character that has a solid landscape of potential costumes and iterations, but I will admit glowingly that I am thrilled that Hasbro decided to go with his red and white iconic costume.  Shiro Yoshida has been a part of the X-Men universe since before Giant Size X-Men #1, getting him with this classic look is …about time!  Let’s check him out.

The Good

  • The mask is captured perfectly.  This complex shape looks fantastic.
  • The flame details that adorn Sunfire’s wrist and ankles are just stunningly well executed.
  • Sunfire comes with the same (but differently colored) flame fists that 2016 Iron Fist came with and it’s a perfect fit here.
  • Articulation here has every trick in Hasbro’s book.  Ab-Crunch, chest / arm joints, ankle pivot.  It’s all here!
  • The paint here is top notch, highly detailed, clean and sharp.
  • Sunfire has a belt that is not molded on, always appreciate the non molded extras!

The Bad

  • There is literally only one knock on this figure, a knick in the chest paint.  Not a design flaw, just a QC issue.  Otherwise, this is an absolutely fantastic figure!

The rest

Sunfire is a character that sits below the bar of broad appeal, but fans of this character should be absolutely thrilled to have this fine piece of plastic.  He’s only been made available once before in 6 inch scale, and that was in his Age of Apocalypse costume.  This is the Sunfire we should all think of when the name comes up, and you should go buy him…but can you?


Hard to find now, but be patient, keep your eyes out.  If you can’t be patient, Amazon has him for a markup, and there is always eBay.  There is good news too though!  Walmart has sightings, AND! our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have listed the whole wave, case, and individual figures for pre-order!

The Pictures

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