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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: Shatterstar
Our second featured Legend of the Spring is Shatterstare.  Now, if you know anything about comics in the 90s, you know about Shatterstar.  You probably begged your parents for the Toy Biz version with the swinging arm action and his double bladed swords.  You didn’t even really know or care why…you just wanted double-bladed swords.  For the kids that knew why though, well…that’s why we get this incredible homage to this X-Factor veteran.  

The Good

  • I’ve spent a lot of time in 2017 talking about action figure hair….buckle up, it’s happening again!  The attention to detail and time spent creating Shatterstar’s mane must have been exhaustive and the results show in perfect fashion.  Every wave is shown, and of course we get the dual tails and the big pony.
  • Incredibly expressive face, the detail in the eyes here is beautiful.  
  • Shatterstar’s headgear, while always hilarious to even consider looks great here.  
  • Let’s talk more about the headgear and some about the shoulder pad…it’s beautiful.  I don’t know what material it is but it feels like actual leather, and it looks like actual weathered leather!
  • The white / black contrasting paint here is well executed and very, very clean.  
  • Shatterstar’s leg bandoleer fits snugly and stays in place very well.

The Bad

  • There isn’t a little switch in his back that will swing his arms for me….(tear drop).


The rest

Shatterstar isn’t a character with universal appeal, but to all those that he does appeal to, this figure is for you and you absolutely must own it, because there is no more a definitive figure take on a character than Shatterstar as a Marvel Legend!  


Hard to find now, but be patient, keep your eyes out.  If you can’t be patient, Amazon has him for a markup, and there is always eBay.  There is good news too though!  Walmart has sightings, AND! our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have listed the whole wave, case, and individual figures for pre-order!

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.
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