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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: Polaris
And on the fifth day of Legends of the Spring we get back to X-Factor with Polaris!  The daughter of Magneto comes to us in her recognizable green look.  Polaris, like Dazzler and Shatterstar is a first to the Marvel Legends line in this 2017 X-Men wave and fans of Polaris should be thrilled to have her.  

The Good

  • I read back through my reviews a lot, and I’m frequently impressed by the same things.  Here is no different.  Polaris’s hair is perfect.  Wavy where it should be, green all over, shape is fantastic.  
  • More great use of the “magic” effect accessory here, this time in green to match Polaris.  
  • Her outfit is an uncanny match (hehehe) for her Uncanny X-Men (and more) comic run featuring the cut out ab section to show some skin.  
  • Very nice sculpting on the wrist guards.
  • Her green circlet is well executed.
  • Hasbro does a great job with shades of green to pull off a solid looking costume.
  • Really cool hand poses going on here.
  • Cape sits snuggly in her back thanks to hair that covers it to keep it in place.

The Bad

  • The same hair that covers her cape keeping it in reliably causes a little trouble getting it in in the first place.  You will have to position her head / hair out of the way to get the cape in.


The rest

When Polaris was announced she made a lot of hearts skip a beat.  She has a solid following and it’s been largely untreated in the toy market.  That following should thank Hasbro today for doing the character justice and getting her out to retail in the first place.  Excellent character, excellent treatment of the source material, good luck finding her.  Casual collectors probably won’t have a shot at her because the Polaris die hards are going to scoop these up before you can blink.  


Hard to find now, but be patient, keep your eyes out.  If you can’t be patient, Amazon has him for a markup, and there is always eBay.  There is good news too though!  Walmart has sightings, AND! our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have listed the whole wave, case, and individual figures for pre-order!

The Pictures

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