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When I think about the X-Men and my current relationship with them, being honest, it’s been kinda “meh”.  Much of that I think is because of a lack-luster run of movies (that is finally turning around mind you, I enjoyed Apocalypse, Deadpool was amazing and Logan did some great things).  The highlight in my relationship with X-Men though has been the Marvel Legends X-Men figure waves.  Hasbro has done an outstanding job with character selection and design.  What that has done is, it’s put me back into contact and context with the characters that were once some of my favorites of all time. 

This wave in particular hit on a lot of high notes, and while you’ve (hopefully) read the review of each figure to this point, it’s worth it to say again, my favorites here are Cyclops, Shatterstar and Colossus for sure.  However, every figure will find a permanent place on my crowded shelves, they all have something great to offer, they look great together, and they look great among their mutant brethren.  



MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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