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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: Dazzler
Day four of Legends of the Spring is for anyone who said, I’d like a perm, some bell bottoms, and to boogie oogie oogie till they can’t boogie oogie no more.  Ok…I feel better.  Dazzler makes her first appearance in the Marvel Legends line decked out as her most bad mama jamma self, disco style with roller skates.  She’s been long asked for as a 6 inch Legends action figure.  We finally get her, but I know that when I think of Dazzler, I think of the blue jump suit with star burst on chest and a bandanna with a short hair cut.  So does this first appearance look scratch the itch?  Let’s find out.

The Good

  • The costume is perfect.  Google Dazzler first appearance, it’s tough to spot any discrepancies with this one.  Open back, low cut front, Hasbro even somehow nailed the “70’s bottom” look.  They cracked the bell bottom code too!
  • Dazzler’s hair is flowing with wavy curls, so much so that I can picture her done up with curlers and a mud mask getting ready for her appearance.   
  • The disco ball necklace is truly something to behold.  Excellent texture, perfect paint.
  • Dazzlers shoes, the texture and detail here is amazing.  That that much attention was given to something mostly covered in a bell bottom is really cool.
  • Dazzlers face paint is spot on.
  • Articulation is good overall for Dazzler, she’s highly pose-able.  
  • Included microphone is an excellent touch.

The Bad

  • My chief complaint with Dazzler is that we didn’t get my favorite costume, but that’s just me being whiny.  The sting is exacerbated a little when I think about the fact that Dazzler is probably not likely to get another 6-inch figure release probably forever, or at the very least a long time.  Prove me wrong folks, sell her out and get us a running change!
  • Roller skated feet can make standing / balancing Dazzler tricky at times.  


The rest

Alison Blaire, from Gardendale Long Island, NY, super close to my home town…in spirit anyway, dazzles in her first appearance in 6-inch plastic.  The only thing I want out of this figure that I didn’t get is a totally different costume.  That doesn’t diminish what’s going on here though and she’s a worthwhile edition to any collection.


Hard to find now, but be patient, keep your eyes out.  If you can’t be patient, Amazon has him for a markup, and there is always eBay.  There is good news too though!  Walmart has sightings, AND! our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have listed the whole wave, case, and individual figures for pre-order!


The Pictures

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