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Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave 1: BAF Warlock
Warlock is the BAF of X-Men Wave 1 2017.  He’s really very tall, he compliments the wave perfectly, and you only need to buy 6 figures to get him.  But is he worth it? (yeah, duh).

The Good

  • He’s just so freaking tall!
  • The paint wash head to toe on Warlock is really beautiful, conveys metal perfectly.
  • This gets a second bullet, the paint here, the color is so dead on for the character, it really is a sight to behold.  Hasbro nailed this!
  • For as tall and lanky as he is, he feels like a sturdy figure when assembled.
  • Warlock gets a hand swap with a hand blade.  It looks really cool.
  • The level of detail that went into Warlock’s “hair” might be the most I’ve ever seen on a figure.  The sculpt here is really just outstanding.  

The Bad

  • The hand blade doesn’t spin.  That would have been fantastic.
  • It’s tricky keeping the arm-to-back hoses in.  

The rest

Warlock is a well placed Build a Figure.  It almost doesn’t need to be stated, but Hasbro has traditionally done a great job of relating the figure to the wave theme.  Here it’s great.  A lineup of classic X-Men with really just a great, outside the box, giant figure that has never been done in this scale before.  He’s a solid value too. You only need 6 of the 7 figure wave, and he comes with an extra hand.  If you like Warlock even a little, you are going to want this figure.  Happy Hunting!


For Warlock to be in your house, you have to buy 6 our of the 7 figures in this wave (all but Old Man Logan / Wolverine).  He’s worth the price of admission for sure, but tracking down all of these figures could prove to be tricky.  Your best bet at this point is to hook up with Big Bad Toy Store and grab the wave!


The Pictures

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