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Toys R Us Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set
Toy Fair 2017 was awesome.  We saw a ton of great stuff there.  Normally after Toy Fair though, it’s what feels like an eternity before we see our favorite stuff from the floor and presentations on store shelves.  Well, for some reason, this year, I blinked and a ton of what I saw and loved is already in my house, let alone on store shelves.  As always, a massive chunk of that stuff comes from Hasbro, and as usual, it’s why we are gathered here today.  

“6 inch, yer a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love and my lady, is the 3.75 inch sea”.  

My heart swells with joy whenever I get to talk about new Marvel 3.75 inch plastic.  We wouldn’t be here ( without it!  None of this, heck, we probably never would have launched litlgeeks either.  So, today, I gleefully present to you, the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends 3.75″ Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set!  The set features your favorite space faring miscreants, in my favorite comic decos (for the most part).  We get updates on Star-Lord, Drax, Groot, to a lesser extent Gamora, and we get Rocket Raccoon pretty much the same as he ever was for kicks.  Is this a set you have to have though?  Read on brothers and sisters!

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The Good

  • Star-Lord resides on one of the best bodies that 3.75 has had, solid articulation here, knees, elbows, wrists, ab, thigh-cut, ankle rockers.  Quill makes good again. 
  • Cool molding for his collar.
  • This Star-Lord’s main difference from the 3 previous iterations of him  is the head swap.  Here, Star-Lord is featured maskless, and looks like he may even be sporting a bit of a 5-o’clock shadow.  Headsculpt is definitely solid.  This is the first of three and ranked third in reasons you should definitely pick up this set.
  • Star-Lords other difference is a back to regular.  We got him decked out in white stripes on navy blue in his last release, and this one has him back to the red stripes of his team pack / single card release deco.
  • I almost hate to do this, but it’s good to show how we’ve grown around here.  This is Star-Lord number 4, he was a team pack figure, a single card, a 2-pack figure, and now this box set figure.  I reviewed the team pack and 2-pack figure, we skipped the single card because he was the same verbatim as the team pack.  But …here, check it out.  Team Pack, 2-Pack.  
  • After you read either of those you can see, that interestingly, this figure addresses one of my wishes, a head swap, so we can get Star-Lord without his mask!

The Bad

  • We are four Star-Lord figures deep, and just like way back in 2011, this one still doesn’t have holsters!



The Good

  • At one point, barely a year ago, the 3.75 inch scale didn’t have one single Gamora to it’s name…now we have three!  
  • Gamora is another figure I’ll embaress myself with an older review link of.  She was in the same wave of 2-packs as Star-Lord…in fact, in the same box  2-Pack.  She was also all lonesome on a card before that here.
  • Now, all that said and linked, I’ll talk a little more about her here. Her hair is still one of the best ever on a 3.75 inch figure. 
  • Facial details are expressive and solid.  
  • Differences, it literally boils down to a few strips, on her hip.  The previous at least had white stripes, this one, none.  There is also some minor difference areas on her back shoulder blades, more black on this version than the previous.

The Bad

  • While we have 3, this Gamora is nearly the same as the first two.  While a fantastic figure in her own right, this Gamora still isn’t my Gamora.  Fans of the 6 inch Legends got the one I wanted for 3.75 inch.  At some point I’m hopeful that that one will get shrunken down and I can get on with my DnA run Guardians team.  Till then, I have to pick which Gamora of 3 I want to display most.  
  • The other thing, and it’s the same as it ever was, tiny tiny feet.



The Good

  • Drax goes from almost bell-bottmy pants to hardcore boss fight boots in this box set, and it’s your second reason, and second ranked, that even if you already have the characters in this box set, you should pull the trigger.  The boots look fantastic, they take an already excellent figure and make him even better.
  • Now then, already excellent?   Yes, already, this is the third time we get hands on Drax.  The first being the same team pack as our first Star-Lord.  The second saw him as a single-card re-release when the Universe line turned Infinite.  This, our third, is definitely our best.
  • Apart from the knee down differences, the tattoo design on Drax’s body is a little bit different and the paint on his head is changed up for the better.
  • Drax also goes from a molded on belt with knife holster to a free floating belt.  It works jus tas well, and if you didn’t want it there you could yank it off.  

The Bad

  • While the knives definitely fit better in the holsters than in previous Drax’s, there is still the problem that the handles stick out too far and look a little silly for it.


Rocket Raccoon

The Good

  • For a little guy, Rocket sure gets around!  This team pack is now the fourth time we’ve gotten Rocket Raccoon!  First in the Team Pack, second on his own card with the Infinite line, third with a change in his stripes as part of the Guardians 2-pack wave packaged with Groot.  
  • To my feeble eyes, this Rocket is the same Rocket we got way back in 2011, the same as the follow up single card, but back to red from the white of the 2-pack release.  He’s here four times, he’s solid four times.  
  • Rocket looks comic accurate, lots of solid design packed into a very tiny figure.
  • Though articulation is limited, his head swivels and so does his tail, and when you are dealing with a raccoon, isn’t that what matters?  I think it is.

The Bad

  • Last time I talked about Rocket I had wishes for full articulation and a little bit of flocking action. I still have those wishes…I probably always will, though, 6 inch did bring out a Rocket with full motion, so there is hope, right?!



The Good

  • Welcome to the reason, even if he was the only one, that you should pick this set up.  Groot (now with red stripes!).  
  • This is round two for Groot, his first go, he had the blue uniform with white stripes, and he did look sharp.  We talked a lot about him in the Guardians 2-pack wave review.  We loved him then…we came to a realization this go round.
  • After having the white striped Groot, and getting a second look at this one, outside of Nova (always the qualifier), this is our favorite Marvel 3.75 inch figure ever, and in spite of our undying love for Nova, this is the best 3.75″ Marvel figure in the line.  
  • He’s tall!
  • There is just a massive amount of sculpt detail in his long limbs.
  • His face and head are packed with detail and cool sculpting.  
  • Groot’s uniform is textured, unlike the other Guardians.  I like to think this is to help adjust to his specific body type.  It’s a comic thing, I’m a nerd, I live with me and so does my wife, it’s hard for everyone.  Still, this figure is epic.  


The Bad

  • This, the best figure in the scale is not without it’s flaw.  Though it seems addressed better this go round, there is still a noticable line between Groot’s face and “hair line”.


The rest

This box set is interesting, and it comes at an interesting time.  Obviously, the Guardians of the Galaxy are on fire so Hasbro / Disney / Marvel want as much product on the shelves as they can get.  Who is this set for though?  More than a few people at least.  Folks that collect 3.75 have already been heard grumbling that they have these figures already, some a few times over, why is Hasbro putting them out again?  Most of those grumbling folks aren’t going to pick this up anyway.  However, if you didn’t appreciate from the review of each figure above, there are reasons for sure that this set is worth the price of asking for many.  Chiefly, a new collector is born every year.  They weren’t around for some of these previous releases, and the business of action figure collecting is competitive work!  There are “yeah but” responses here of course, but the secondary reasons work them out at the end of the day.  We get a full set at a reasonable price with some different enough figures to warrant a pick up for hardcore collectors.  All that said, this is a win for collectors of Marvel Legends 3.75 collectors, Drax is a heck of an upgrade, Star-Lord unmasked looks great, and this Groot figure in my humble, ultimately meaningless opinion, is the best to come out of Hasbro Marvel 3.75″ plastic, period.  After living with the white stripe version of him for a few months, I’m more in love with the figure now than when I first got him.  You really should check this set out!


The Guardians of the Galaxy 5 figure box set is a Toys R Us Exclusive.  As of this writing, unfortunately, the set isn’t available online, and at $49.99 it would qualify for free shipping if it was.  Oh well, get off your butt, go to the store, and pick up this set at your local Toys R Us.  I went to 3 this weekend and it was on shelves at all 3. …I’m a dad, I go to Toys R Us a lot…judge me if you want, I don’t even care.  

Family Photos!


This product was not given to us for free, we bought it because we had to have it and share it with you!

This post is for entertainment purposes only.  If at any point we said you’d die if you didn’t buy this, we were only kidding.

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