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Marvel Legends Walmart Black Panther
The Internet has been buzzing about this fantastic Black Panther figure for the better part of half a year now.  From shady dealers at auction sites, to leaked images, up through to official announcements…wait, was there an official announcement?  At any rate, the Walmart exclusive Black Panther Marvel Legends figure is now upon us.  Go figure, I went on the Internet, clicked two things, and now two days later, he’s in my house and on your screen.  The future is a Marvelous place.  So, how is the figure?  Short story version, really quite nice.  If that’s all you need scroll to the gallery, but keep reading if you want the long story version.

The Good

  • This is a repaint / enhancement to the Rocket Raccoon Return of Marvel Legends figure from 2013.  This is in the good, because that figure was pretty awesome.
  • The figure features Hasbro’s full suite of articulation, double jointed knees, elbows, hinged and spinny wrists, bicep movement, ab crunch, calf cut, thigh cut, ankle rockers.  The only thing not present is the butterfly chest joint.
  • This version of Black Panther is black as night, highlighted by striped grey boots and gloves.  The paint is so deep, rich black here, it looks fantastic.  Really great application! 
  • This version of Black Panther, as mentioned is enhanced from the previous 2013 with accessories!
    • BP comes with a kingly cape that is removable if you pop off the head.
    • Belt is not sculpted on, looks great.
    • Spare hands for holding stuff.
    • Kitty claw hands come attached.
    • Spear (from Kraven)
    • Wakandan necklace.  
  • Because this is an exclusive and single figure release, there is no build a figure piece included here.  Fine by me, I only have to get one figure!

The Bad

  • The figure is really pretty awesome, no negatives per se.  How about a wish list, because you know this bad boy is coming back around again when Black Panther hits theaters, right? Hasta be!
    • Clasp on his cape should be a different color than solid black.  
    • Would love a loop or holster for the spear. 
  • …that’s really all I got. Sorry, I was more excited about a wish list when I started but there isn’t a lot to want for here.

The rest

I mentioned above, Black Panther hits theaters in the not too far future.  For me this makes it a bit of a head scratcher of a release date for this figure, or that this figure was released without a surrounding wave.  I’m sure Hasbro will be supporting Black Panther with a full Legends wave when it hits theaters regardless.  I’m also happy to have this hole in my collection filled.  Just, the timing does strike me as weird.  Either way, this is now the second comic version of Black Panther in the Marvel Legends line, joining a ToyBiz release as well.  Many regard the ToyBiz BP as gospel, but I think this figure does a fantastic job of presenting this comic book icon in plastic.  I’m glad to have him in my collection, and I’m happy about how easy it was to pick him up.  That’s how it should be with all of these figures! For now though, I’ll enjoy BP and wait and salivate as I see folks on Facebook and Twitter post pictures of the next exclusive on my hit list, the Toys R Us Cyclops and Dark Phoenix 2-pack!  Stay tuned for coverage…as soon as I get it…eventually…hopefully…without forgoing a kidney on eBay.


The King of Wakanda does not just make himself available anywhere.  He’s only at Walmart.  Good news though, site to store is an option, lord knows finding it on a shelf will drive a man insane!

The Pictures


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