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Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman
We here at MUReview have been made big fans of the annual Walgreens Marvel Legends Exclusive.  Hasbro and Walgreens have consistently partnered on desirable characters, great decos and fun all around figures.  This year is no different with the Invisible Woman.  She’s a great figure, but more, she’s the start of a possibility.  The possiblity of getting a modernized set of figures to represent the much Marvel-Maligned Fantastic Four team.  Well I’ll tell ya my friends, she’s a great start to the effort, and word on the street is, Human Torch is coming next and I can’t wait!  For now, let’s sizzle down and check out Sue Storm and her little buddie H.E.R.B.I.E.

The Good

  • She comes with H.E.R.B.I.E.
  • Another amazing female face from the Legends team at Hasbro.  Every one is better than the last, the sculpts are worthy of applause at this point. Well done!
  • Sue Storm comes in one of my favorite, more classic Fantastic Four costume and it’s smooth, well designed, cleanly painted, sharp lines and all.
  • Invisible woman features some great leg articulation, ankle rockers, double hinged knees, thigh cut, and ball joint hips, 
  • In addition to H.E.R.B.I.E., Sue has an alternate left hand that is in a partial phasing state to complement the more phasing right arm.  
  • H.E.R.B.I.E. looks fantastic in scale with six inch figures. Getting him in package really is an added value, just so so sharp looking.

The Bad

  • Much like the Marvel Universe team-pack released H.E.R.B.I.E., this one has a little trouble standing and frequently falls over on his face.  If only they’d adjusted back, or made adjustable, his back foot!
  • The spare hand has a really jankie pinky finger.  QC issue, hopefully it’s not prevelant through the run of figures.
  • Not so much a negative, just an interesting point.  On the back of the box, IW’s left hand is a closed fist, in the package it’s actually an opened fist looking as if she’d have something to hold as an accessory.

The rest

The Invisible Woman is an awesome figure, and the Fantastic Four is a big gap in modern Marvel Legends lines.  It’s great to see that they are addressing the gap, and they are starting off with a bang.  Downside of this figure release though is that I guess we won’t see a Fantastic Four wave with a Thing BAF.  Oh well.  Either way, i’m really stoked to have Sue Storm to adorn my shelves with, and I really can’t wait for this team to be fleshed out fully.  With all the modern tooling and design tricks Hasbro has learned, what Thing will look like, I can only imagine!!  Not trying to start rumors here, but I have seen images of a Johnny Storm Flame on floating around, so I’m very hopeful that Hasbro will walk this road to it’s end.  Maybe update my Annihilus while we are at it? (winky face). 


It does my heart heaps of good to be able to talk to you about a figure, and tell you that you can go get that figure, right now, today, no hesitation, no waiting.  Invisible Woman is available from Walgreens only.  But that does  include, where for a nominal shipping fee, you can get her without even leaving the house.

The Pictures


MUReview did not receive this products for free, we bought it with our own real people dollars like big boys.

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