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Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops 2-Pack

Well that escalated quickly.  Maybe a solid week or two ago, pictures popped up online, and auctions started going up for the Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix / Cyclops 2-pack.  I’ll spoil my own review by telling you, it’s a beautiful set.  You don’t have to read anything else.  You’ll want both figures, look at the pictures, go get it…if you can (see Availability).  I’ll write this up for you regardless, it’s what I like doing.  I was full stoked out of my mind when Legends decided to put out Jim Lee Cyclops, and I loved the first modern take on Jean Grey / Phoenix.  Now we get my second favorite Cyclops costume with his 70s – 80s deco, and Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix!  To get this two pack with minor changes that make the characters look worlds different within less than a year of the previous figures (Cyclops 2017, Phoenix 2016), is a huge win for collectors and X-Men enthusiasts!

Cyclops | Dark Phoenix | The Rest | Availability Family Photos


The Good

  • Let’s start with paint.  The shading on the costume here is beautiful, it adds incredible depth and character to the figure.
  • The simple change on the head from hair top to cowl top gives us one of the most popular and iconic looks for Cyclops and it looks perfect.
  • X-Belt is an accessory, not molded on, perfect red.
  • Bringin’ back the boot cuffs!  I feel like every time Hasbro does a figure with boot cuffs, it’s better than the last, same is true here.
  • Cyclops features pretty much all of the bells and whistles of modern Hasbro figures, inclusive of all but butterfly chest joints.
  • While I love the Jim Lee Cyclops, not having the arm and thigh accessories on this one is almost freeing.  Nothing to keep pushing up!
  • As this is the same body as JL Cyclops, he features the same left hand optic blast hand pose!  This allows for the must have position of…optic blasting.

The Bad

  • I think this issue was present on the JL Cyclops, but a little less noticeable due to the lighter color.  Here though, with the darker color, and you can see in the images, at the ab-crunch, there is a solid gap between chest and ab area.  By no means a deal breaker, or even annoying, but it is easily observed.

Dark Phoenix

The Good

  • Broken record that I am.  Every time we get a new female character, Hasbro shatters the mold with respect to expectations for head / face sculpt.  This Jean Grey does so, not once, not twice, but 3 freaking times.  
    • Jean Grey head, let’s call her, the “least angry” head is beautiful.  Stunning.  She looks like a real person you might actually see walking around.  
    • Head 2, “a little mad” begins to show the transformation to Dark Phoenix while maintaining a very human look.  The hair sculpt here is just awesome.  Coloring and shading here are perfectly executed.
    • Head 3 “fully put off”, the slightly translucent flame colored hair is astonishing.  Sculpt and face design here, breathtaking.  
  • Jean includes the Phoenix bird that wraps on her wrist well enough for some cool posing.  Looks great, and this is likely to be an accessory that gets a good bit of mileage for collectors and customizers.
  • Dark Phoenix is otherwise generally the same body of the previous single card release from 2016 of Phoenix with enhancements to hands, upper thigh, upper torso, different paint, and a phoenix stamped on her sash.
  • Speaking of paint, the red is rich, deep, dark, and bright at the same time.  Against the yellow it’s explosive.  Some very neat paint tricks Hasbro has pulled off in this two-pack.

The Bad

  • I believe as a result of packaging, I had some work to do to massage her fingers back into a more human shape.  In some pictures they are a little jacked.  


The Rest

The set is fantastic.  It’s a set that collectors have wanted for a long time, and they have been extremely well served by Hasbro here.  There is just about nothing to complain about here.  If you are a Legends collector and pass on this, you are doing yourself an injustice.  


This is another Toys R Us exclusive, so get it there, or suffer the aftermarket.  Unfortunately, unlike the Spidey / MJ 2-pack of a month or so ago, this beautiful pack hasn’t found it’s way to   Keep eyes out, hopefully it shows up, but also be patient.  Hit your Toys R Us stores, I had to ask, they took it out of “the back” for me.  Word on the street is that they maybe shouldn’t sell it till August 1.  If you get there on August 1, I have a feeling you should have a shot.  Otherwise, check back and call to see if they have it now and again in advance of that.  Can’t hurt, right?  Special thanks to our friends over at Kastor’s Korner for product info, it is because of their awesomeness, we were able to score this.


Family Photos!


MUReview did not receive this products for free, we bought it because we had to have it and that’s that.

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