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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 2 2017 – Vulture
What better way to dive into the movie series characters of this awesome Spider-Man Homecoming wave, than with the movies villain, Vulture!  Now, we are going to take a look at Vulture in two parts, as a figure, and then paired with his wings as the build a figure.  I know this is stretching the bounds of what might make sense, but it’s my website and I can do pretty much whatever I want.  Consider it a perk of paying the hosting costs.  That said, I haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s not out yet, so I have no emotional attachment to this very alien looking character.  As Spider-Man villains go, this is #notmyvulture.  But hey, ya wanna get nuts?  Let’s get nuts!  Michael Keaton is bringing this Spider-Man Sinister Six staple to life on the big screen for the first time ever and I’m sure he’s going to do a great job with him.  Until we all get to see it though, we have this figure and a few trailers to puzzle out how he put together this costume among other things.  Since the figure is the costume at this point, let’s check him out.  Remember too folks, 7/7/17, Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters!

The Good

  • The sculpt detail here is once again incredible, especially for a movie figure.  There is leather strapping and buckles all over the place.
  • Fleece collar detail is spectacular, again, highly detailed.
  • The evil green beady eyes inside the helmet are downright unsettling.  Unsettling on an action figure is not an easy thing to pull off.
  • The claw feet are beefy, add balance and an overall sinister look to the figure.  
  • I don’t have a full 2 hours of screen time to compare the character to, but from screen caps and trailers, Hasbro has once again hit a home run with film to plastic transfer here, Vulture looks great and movie screen perfect!
  • Not part of this review, but a little spoiler, the BAF wings ….are just so freakin’ cool.
  • Articulation is solid overall and not limited by sculpting or figure design.

The Bad

  • How is there not an alternate unmasked Michael Keaton head here!! 

The rest

This Vulture figure, while impressive and packed with little details is only part of a whole.  That whole is completed by buying 7 total figures, this whole Spider-Man Legends wave.  We are going to explore the full Vulture experience in a few days with a full set of built wings (they are really just epic, trust me), but for now.  Is Vulture worth it to buy if you aren’t intending to get the wings?  I like the figure, I’d say go for it.  He looks good next to Spidey.  The green beady eyes along are menacing enough to warrant a purchase.


Vulture is available for retail price today at Amazon.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Our friends at BigBadToyStore have him up for pre-order too!

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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