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Legends Spider-Man Wave 2 2017 – Vulture Wings BAF
In a first in Marvel Legends history (I think), we get a build a figure that isn’t a figure at all.  It’s not a small figure, or a large figures, it’s what amounts to an “accessory” for a figure.  Enter the Vulture’s wings from Spider-Man Homecoming, in theaters July 7 2017, they are massive, so you’ll need to make room.  Now, this is a very different kind of build a figure, it comes together in 8 pieces (including the required stand).  Some folks may be reluctant based on this difference to really dive in and go for it.  I however, applaud Hasbro for changing things up here and taking a chance.  Did it pay off?  

The Good

  • Let’s start with the size, the wings are absolutely massive, and with the stand, Vulture won’t fall over.
  • These wings are pretty heavily articulated.  You can fold em, you can flap em, you can angle the fans, extend the wings fully.  
  • The wings look great mounted on Vulture’s back.  
  • Components fit together easily, they feel sturdily together, not like they would come apart with light play.
  • The paint job by the jet, the blue to purple “flame effect” looks just beautiful.
  • Wings connect very well to Vultures back with no wobble or threat of falling out.

The Bad

  • The fans on my wing set don’t really spin quite as well as I’d like, a little stiff and sluggish to spin.  
  • I was hoping that with the over-sized talon feet on Vulture you’d be able to get away with not using the stand, but the wings are just too heavy and you really do need it for display.  

The rest

Do you want these wings?  Are they worth the investment of a full wave of figures?  Well, let’s ask some questions.  Did you get Vulture?  Yes, you want the wings.  Do you like awesome stuff?  Yes you want the wings.  Were you getting the hole wave anyway?  Yes, you want the wings.  Did you pass on Vulture?  Probably shouldn’t get the wings….that’d be weird.


If you want these glorious wings, you are going to need to buy the whole set of 7 figures.  Hunting a full wave in the wild is tough, even with good distribution, a sure fire way to grab the case though.  Go and visit our friends at BigBadToyStore! 

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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