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Legends Spider-Man Wave 2 2017 – Tombstone
Tombstone first showed up in 1988.  Since that time, old jolly Lonnie Thompson Lincoln has gotten into and out of worlds upon worlds of trouble in the Marvel Universe.  Battling Spider-Man, Dark Hawk, Deadpool, Wolverine, Gambit, Cap, Moon Knight, and tons of our other favorite Marvel super heroes.  Point being, Tombstone gets around, so, it is with some fan fare and much rejoicing, that in 2017, Tombstone makes his Marvel Legends debut.  Hasbro timed it right to drop him into this Spidey Homecoming wave.  He fights between classic comic icons in the wave, both villain and hero, but was he worth the wait?

The Good

  • That grin.  The figure starts with the grin, it’s so perfect, so disturbed, and you pull back from there.
  • Face sculpt is comic-awesome, Tombstone looks like he jumped off of a page.  Hasbro killed it with the nose!
  • While his costume is simple, Hasbro has captured the deep black, contrasted against the glowish white skin.
  • Sculpted collar looks great and feels sturdy. 
  • The only other sculpting here is Tombstone’s belt and boot cuffs, they are both very well executed.  
  • Scale and size are perfect for the character.  
  • Here we have a very clean, solid paint job, no real QC issues to speak of.

The Bad

  • The figure is fantastic, but the box leaves him lonely.  Not that I would know what accessory to include with Tombstone, it feels like he could use something to go with him besides the BAF piece.

The rest

Tombstone finds himself among great company in this Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming wave, company that he fits well into.  The wave elevates him, and he elevates the wave, so it works out pretty well, right?  He’s a solid figure, the right scale and bulk.  He looks absolutely comic page perfect.  Tombstone is a deep catalog Marvel villain, so I worry folks may pass on him because they don’t know who he is, but they’d be missing out.  The deep cut character and excellent figure itself make it a great collector piece for sure.  I hope folks pick him up, and after they scratch their head and Google him, they take him home.  Forgive me in the gallery, I had some fun with over-exposure, I thought it made some cool pictures.


Tombstone is available for your purchasing pleasure today at Amazon, and he’s Prime eligible!  You can pre-order for over retail at Big Bad Toy Store, or you can take your chances on the hunt at retail.  Either way you hunt, you should make it a point to at least check Tombstone out for yourself.

The Pictures


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