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Legends Spider-Man Wave 2 2017 – Spider-Man Home Made Suit
Taking our second dip into the pool of figures in the Homecoming wave specifically from Spider-Man Homecoming the movie (in theaters 7/7/17!), we get a look at the home made Spider-Man suit Spider-Man.  Remember how charming it was to see Toby Maguire and then Andrew Garfield try to stitch up their own Spider-Suit?  Well, it looks like Tom Holland gets his own crack at the process, and he doesn’t do a bad job at all.  I’m sure there will be more context come 7/7, but for now, let’s check out this Spider-Suit!

The Good

  • As with Vulture, I only have screen caps and short trailers to compare this Spider-Suit to, but from all I can see, Hasbro has nailed each detail to the letter and done an outstanding job of re-creating film on plastic. 
  • HMSS comes with two hoods, one in a down position, one in an up position.  Both fit on Spidey’s neck when removing his head, they stay on great, and I really can’t decide which I like better, which isn’t a bad thing.  
  • A really great amount of detail for what appears at first to be a simple figure.  If you look above his eyes you can see the wrinkled stitch point of his home made spider-mask!
  • Spider-riffic articulation here.  This Spidey has all the joints you could want with the exception of butterfly chest joints.  The loss of that on any Spidey is felt, but with the cut of the costume, the design decision absolutely makes sense.  
  • Fans of the Scarlet Spider will rejoice, it seems like this will make an easy custom conversion for them, and they have been asking for a figure of this quality for a very long time!

The Bad

  • He’s a fantastic figure, just a little paint rub on his face, you can see some black through on the front left side of his mask.  QC issue, not design.

The rest

Let’s be honest, we are going to watch the movie.  Because we’ve waited so long for a great Spider-Man movie, we are probably going to love the movie.  They almost don’t even have to try that hard…after the Electro / Spider-Man battle / music video scene, the bar is just really super low.  So after we all watch the movie, we are going to want action figures to put on our shelves to remind us of the movie.  This is one of those figures, it’s a solid figure, it looks great, and you should go buy it.  Just…be patient and wait for retail, it’s coming!


Judging by the …let’s call it the before market.  These figures are still rolling out USA wide, so checking out eBay and Amazon and seeing crazy prices, that’s not aftermarket yet, it’s before.  It’s only after when this is really out.  Either way, the before market is dictating that this is a harder to find figure, Amazon secondary sellers are trying to get over $50 per for the figure!  Exercise patience, it looks grim with the pre-order already sold out at BigBadToyStore, but until these really fully hit retail, you have hope! 

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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